Affiliate Faculty

Our Affiliate Faculty members hail from across the university and support the department in a myriad of ways. They teach, sit on committees, and supervise graduate and undergraduate students. They are an important part of our interdisciplinary community. 


Faculty Name & Position Areas or Research
Adams, Tracey
Sociology Professions, gender and work. Her current SSHRC-funded research explores the regulation of professions in Canada, with a particular focus on alternate health professions.

Adler, Melissa
Assistant Professor

Information and Media Studies Melissa is an interdisciplinary scholar working across the fields of library and information science, gender and sexuality studies, literary studies, and American studies. She grapples with the tensions between standardization and local control, institutionalization and personal experience, universals and particulars, and the various kinds of knowledges and relations of power in libraries and archives.

Ballucci, Dale
Assistant Professor

Sociology Police Response to Sex Crimes (Provincially Funded); Police Response to Prolific/Chronic and High Risk Offenders (SSHRC Funded); Policing Child and Youth Sexual Victimization in Canada (SSHRC Funded); Risk Assessment Tools in Response to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): The Strengths and Challenges from a Policing Perspective (SSHRC Funded); Working Toward the Development of a Sustainable and Evidence-informed Community-Police Strategy for Reducing Intimate Partner Violence in New Brunswick (SSHRC funded); The Legal Governance of Children: Legal Decision-Making in Unaccompanied Refugee Child Claimants (Internally funded)
Barteet, Cody
Assistant Professor
Visual Arts Early Modern Art and Architecture in Latin America and Europe, with emphases on the relationships between the architecture and the urban form, maps and urban environments, and heraldic imagery and legislative materials
Bassnett, Madeline
Assistant Professor
English Studies Sixteenth- and seventeenth-century English poetry and prose, modern women's writing, food studies, ecocriticism, and the early modern instructional manual, including recipe books (manuscript and print), and husbandry and military manuals
Bauer, Greta
Associate Professor
Epidemiology & Biostatistics
LGBT health, public health ethics, community-based epidemiology, validity issues in observational studies, aetiology of vertical and horizontal STI transmission, methodologic and ethical issues in studying hidden populations

Bishop, Pamela
Associate Professor

Faculty of Education Leadership in high-poverty schools; ethical and moral leadership; and organizational culture and change

Biswas Mellamphy, Nandita
Associate Professor

Political Science Nietzsche Studies, post-structuralism and comtemporary french political theory (Bataille, Foucault, Deleuze, Badiou, Stiegler, Ranciere), political ideologies, (anarchism, fascism, synarchism), critical pedagogy, theories of subjectivity
Bowlus, Audra
Economics Applied labour economics including gender wage differentials, discrimination, displaced workers, long-run inequality and the economics of violence against women and children
Burucua, Constanza
Associate Professor
Modern Languages and Literature Latin American and Argentine cinemas; Film history; historical representations; film and historiography; Women's cinema and questions of gender representation; Documentary cinema- theoretical and critical approaches; Documentary filmmaking- researcher and producer
Calcagno, Antonio
Associate Professor
King's University College
19th and 20th century Continental philosophy; contemporary social and political philosophy; feminist early phenomenology; and French and Italian feminist thought

Calogero, Rachel

Psychology The effects of sexist ideologies and environments on women's lived experiences, how sexism stays entrenched, and how people resist these forces. Social appearance-based ideologies, sexual and self-objectification, benevolent and hostile sexism, gender roles and social stereotypes, weight stigma, motivated social cognition, values, prejudice and discrimination, collective action and resistance, and disordered eating and exercise through a sociocultural and resistance lens.
Clark, Kim
Associate Professor
Anthropology Historical anthropology of gender and state formation in Latin America; gender, public health, and social policy
Coates, Norma
Associate Professor
Information and Media Studies / Music Popular music and gender, cultural theory, identity and subjectivity, media industries,  theories of performativity and performance studies
Cushing, Pamela
Associate Professor
Disability Studies, King's University Pamela's research examines phenomena and approaches using anthropological foci like cultural systems, difference, change, and the relationship (or gap) between beliefs versus behaviours in these areas: Disability Studies; Social Inclusion; Care Systems; Ethics; Research Methods      
Darnell, Regna
Emerita/Adjunct Research Professor
Anthropology First Nations, cross-cultural and cultural studies; ecosystem health; critical theory
Davies, Lorraine
Associate Professor
Sociology Gender inequality in family relations and the consequences for women's well-being, intimate partner violence, family structure and mothering
Demeyere, Gillian
Associate Professor
Faculty of Law Contract Law and Employment Law with a particular focus on the relationship between the contract of employment and the principles of equality and inclusion given expression in Canadian Human Rights Law
De Clercy, Cristine
Associate Professor
Political Science Professor de Clercy studies political leadership using several discrete methodological approaches to understand leadership in different contexts, and across contexts.  She specializes in the fields of Canadian politics, comparative politics, women and politics, the social economy, and political economy.
DeViveiros, Genevieve
Assistant Professor
French Studies
Émile Zola and Naturalism, nineteenth century theater and adaptations; critical edition, women writers of the Belle Époque; correspondence.
English Studies Arabic diasporic literatures; Feminist theory and criticism

Fairbairn, Jordan
Associate Professor

Sociology at King's College Feminist criminology, gender, violence, domestic homicide, media
Gardiner, Rita
Assistant Professor

Faculty of Education Authentic leadership, organizational structures, and gender

Granadillo, Tania
Associate Professor 

Anthropology Endangered languages, language revitalization, language documentation and description, language shift and maintenance, language ideologies, language policy, discourse, storytelling, verbal art, linguistic typology, writing systems, phonology, morphosyntax, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, language and culture, bi/multilingualism, language acquisition/socialization 
Greene, Elizabeth
Associate Professor
Classical Studies Roman Archaeology and social history, women in Roman society, Roman army, family in the Roman military community, Roman imperialism and provincial studies
Grzyb, Amanda
Associate Professor
Information & Media Studies Holocaust and genocide studies, social movements, social justice, African-American studies, homelessness
Heap, David
Associate professor
French Studies French and Romance linguistics, morphology, language variation, dialectology
Hibbert, Kathryn
Faculty of Education and
Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry 
Teacher Education (Assessment, Reconciliation, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion); curriculum assessment, pedagogies and learning by design; Health professions' education; understanding diversity through interdisciplinary education; scholarship of teaching and learning with multiple ‘texts’ including mobile and digital; qualitative research methodologies

Isaacs, Tracy

Philosophy Feminist ethics, globalizing feminism, feminism and race, and feminist epistemology
James, Joy
Assiociate Professor
Visual Arts Visual culture and art situated at the intersections of science, art, and technology; an aesthetic of affect in visual technologies, and the uses of biotech imaging systems in new media art; the applications and implications of emergent visual technologies as they are disseminated through contemporary art, the media, and popular culture

Katzman, Erika
Assistant Professor

Disability Studies at King's College The work people do to organize and manage support services; the material and working conditions of people who do support work; support worker education; invisible, hidden and relational forms of work; expanding conceptions of accessibility; critical qualitative research methodology; applications for disability studies perspectives in health professional education and practice; critical and anti-oppressive pedagogical approaches
Keep, Christopher
Associate Professor
English Studies the relationship of technology to cultural practice; the discursive construction of gender, race, and sexual orientation, especially in the nineteenth century; the post-human, queer subjectivities, virtual environments, networked communities
Konrad, Alison
Richard Ivey School of Business Gender and diversity in organizations; gender effects on earnings; Affirmative Action programs; gender effects on earnings; and gender differences in job attribute preferences
Lee, Alison
Associate Professor
English Studies Literary and feminist theory 

Lemos, Tracy
Associate Professor

Theology, Huron A scholar of the Hebrew Bible, Tracy Lemos is a social and cultural historian specializing in ancient Israel and early Judaism. 
Margolis, Rachel
Assistant Professor
Sociology Fertility and parenthood, gender and aging, health disparities
Martino, Wayne
Faculty of Education queer, trans and feminist studies in education, critical policy analysis, minority underachievement in urban schools, impact of high stakes testing on minority and disadvantaged students; addressing inequities faced by LGBTQ youth, investigating the perspectives and experiences of minority students and teachers in urban schools
McKenzie, Pamela
Associate Professor
Information & Media Studies Unwaged work, everyday life, mothering, information seeking, documentation/recordkeeping, qualitative methodologies
McLeod, Carolyn
Associate Professor

Feminist philosophy, moral philosophy and reproductive ethics

Nolan, Catherine
Music Research and Composition Gender and musical modernism, feminist criticism and music theory 
Olson, Kelly
Associate Professor
Classical Studies Women, gender, sexuality and the family in Roman Antiquity 
Oosterveld, Valerie
Associate Professor
Faculty of Law gender issues within international criminal justice systems
Orchard, Treena
Assistant Professor
Health Studies HIV/AIDS, sexuality, gender, health, youth, community-based research, and 'marginalized populations' (i.e., gay men, Aboriginal peoples, sex workers)

Osinubi, Taiwo (Tunji)
Associate Professor
(On Leave)

English Studies Forms of the novel, auto/biography, and speculative narratives as it relates to the circulation of narrative genres among Caribbean, African, and British writers; science fiction film and sexuality studies
Pennee, Donna
English Studies Canadian Literatures in English; Postcolonialism, Cultural Nationalism and Globalization in relation to Literary and Cultural Studies;  History of Disciplines; Intersectional Gender Studies
Quinn, Joanna
Associate Professor
Political Science Prof. Quinn has written widely on the truth commissions in Uganda, Haiti, and elsewhere, and on the role of customary practices of acknowledgement and justice in transitional justice in Uganda and in Fiji and Solomon Islands.  Her current work concerns the uptake of sympathetic engagement in the acknowledgement process, and how by-standers and outsiders might be effectively engaged.

Reid-Maroney, Nina
Associate Professor

History at Huron College American Enlightenment; feminist histories of American women and religion; intellectual history of antislavery movements in the US and Canada
Rezai-Rashti, Goli
Faculty of Education Anti-racism and feminism, postcolonial studies and feminism, women in muslin societies, women and education, race, class, gender and sexuality
Rothbauer, Paulette
Associate Professor
Information and Media Studies the modes and methods of access to reading materials as well as social and cultural barriers to such access, an exploration of the roles that libraries, bookstores and information communication technologies play in the reading lives of potentially marginalized young people
Rudman, Deborah
Associate Professor
Occupational Therapy  Women and aging; women, later life work and retirement, critical and cultural studies, social determinants of health, women's occupational lives 
Schneider, Angela 
Associate Professor
Kinesiology Women, sport and embodiment

Schuurman, Anne
Associate Professor

English and Writing Studies Middle English literature; affect theory and emotion history; medieval mysticism; and medieval economic thought
Schwerdtner, Karin
Associate Professor
French Studies Twentieth-century and contemporary literatures (in particular the french novel and francophone women's writings), the concepts of alterity, errancy (errance) and endurance, representations of women, literary postmodernism, identity, literary theories

Sinel, Zoë
Associate Professor


Western Law Private law and legal theory, with a particular focus on civil remedies for private wrongdoing; a proposed monograph on private law’s treatment of fear, spite, and grief; a SSHRC-funded collaborative endeavor to design a feminist casebook on the law of torts
Shire, Laurel
Associate Professor
History The United States in the nineteenth century, especially the relationship between race, gender, and U.S. expansion; the intersection between scholarship on North American borderlands, Western and Southern U.S. history, the Atlantic world, Native and African American studies; women’s history.
Associate Professor
Information and Media Studies Gender and media,  journalism ethics with a particular emphasis on diversity and representational issues
Solga, Kim
Associate Professor
English Studies Gender, sex and the body in early modern and contemporary theatre in English, feminist performance theory, performance as social activism
Sprengler, Christine
Associate Professor
Visual Arts Contemporary art, new media, cultural memory and nostalgia, contemporary American cinema
Suksi, Aara
Associate Professor
Classical Studies Gender in ancient Greek literature, mythology and drama, gender and textuality
Toswell, Jane
English Studies Feminist science fiction and fantasy, feminist medieval studies and feminist institutional history

Viczko, Melody
Associate Professor

Faculty of Education Areas of policy analysis, organizational theory, educational leadership, global governance, and educational change both in K-12 settings and higher education institutions.
Wathen, Nadine
Associate Professor
Information and Media Studies Women's health decision-making, including intervention research in the area of violence against women and children

Weststar, Johanna
Associate Professor

Management and Organizational Studies Industrial and labour relations, union renewal, project-based work, digital and cultural labour, representation and citizenship at work, pension board governance, underemployment, workplace learning