MA Program

Our one-year, full-time Master's Program in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies strives to cultivate students’ critical sensibilities and enrich skills in research and teaching in a supportive, interdisciplinary environment through advanced training in feminist theory, methodology, and professionalization.   

In addition to our required courses, students may enroll in courses in a variety of disciplines to support their learning goals, and have the option of completing the MA entirely through course work or combining course work with an Independent Research Project (IRP).

What our former MA students say:

The MA program in WSFR* at Western was an incredibly rewarding experience. The department is small enough to feel like tight-knit community, while the breadth of the faculty's research interests makes it a dynamic intellectual environment. I felt supported by the professors, the administrative staff, and my fellow graduate students. I graduated with a much deeper grasp of feminist theories and methodologies than I had upon entering the program. As a teaching assistant, I was given the opportunity to lead tutorials and teach undergraduates about things that matter to me. I wrote my Independent Research Project on a topic that had intrigued me for quite some time. My supervisor provided me with the balance of freedom and support that I needed, allowing me to go in the direction that I wanted while offering guidance when necessary. As a student who earned my BA and MA from Western, I can genuinely say that the WSFR department was the highlight of my experience. The department is an exceptional intellectual and social space. Graduate school is challenging, but WSFR at Western makes it an enjoyable challenge.

- MA Student, 2014-15


My experience with the MA program in WSFR* was an exciting opportunity that helped to refine my writing and research skills, provided me with excellent analytical tools, and ultimately challenged me to think more critically about social issues. Not only did the program help me grow academically, but also prepared me to work with gender-based issues at a professional level.

Garry Atkinson, MA student, 2014-15


*Note that the Department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at Western changed its name from “Women’s Studies and Feminist Research” (WSFR) in 2020.