Programs and Degrees

.Explore the dynamics that shape your everyday experiences as a gendered person in contemporary culture. In our courses, you will learn how to develop a critical perspective that takes factors such as sex, gender, sexuality, race, class and (dis)ability into account. You might find your worldview transformed as you apply these perspectives to your study in other classes and to all aspects of your life. Our courses reflect an expanding field of feminist research including feminist theory, sexuality studies, health, queer and legal issues, philosophy, violence against women, women and equity in the workplace, and women and the creative arts. 

Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies officially became a department at The University of Western Ontario in July 2006. The Women's Studies program was established in 1987 and is a department in both the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the Faculty of Social Science. The Department offers a variety of degree modules and promotes feminist scholarship through provision for resident scholars, a Distinguished Speakers Series, faculty colloquia, annual conferences, and publications. It also has an active and lively Women's Studies Student Council.

The Department of Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies offers the following undergraduate degree modules:

The modules are interdisciplinary and are administered directly by the Department. Students register in either the Faculty of Arts and Humanities or the Faculty of Social Science. Students and prospective students are invited to visit the main office in Lawson Hall 3260 often, both for information and academic counselling.

Note: The Major in Sexuality Studies and the Minor in Sexuality Studies (formerly the Minor in Gender, Sexuality and Culture) are the only GSWS modules that can be combined with another GSWS module. One course in overlap is permitted between the Major and another module, but no overlap in courses is permitted between the Minor and another module.