Alumni Careers

Women's Studies Alumni

We often tell our students that they can use their Women’s Studies or Sexuality Studies degree in any career they wish to pursue. Here are some examples of the careers our graduates have chosen to pursue. As you can see from the list, most of our graduates work in community organizations but some work in tech companies or use their creative talents in design or journalism. For information on how you can use your Women’s Studies or Sexuality Studies degree to further your goals, please contact the department at 519-661-3759 or email us at


Job Title Undergraduate Degree Graduate degree
Accessibility Specialist  BA Women's Studies & History MA Arts, Critical Disability Studies, MA Women's Studies and Feminist Research
Adjunct Instructor at college BA Philosophy with a Minor in Women's Studies MA Philosophy
Administrative Coordinator at Teachers College BA English, Women's Studies MA Women's Studies and Feminist Research
Admissions Assistant  HSP Women's Studies, Sociology MA Women's Studies
Affiliate Program Lead  BA Women's Studies
Apprentice Christian Minister BA Women's Studies
Assistant Professor  MA Women's Studies PhD Women's Studies
Assistant Trade Marketing Manager Minor in Gender, Sexuality and Culture and HSP in MIT
Associate BA Sexuality Studies and Psychology  Phd Women's Studies
Associate Editor  HSP Women's Studies and English Master's Degree, Journalism
Audience Development Specialist BA Women's Studies and Popular Culture MA Media, Communications and Critical Practice
Behavioural Educational Resource Facilitator HSP Women's Studies, Psychology Social Service Worker Diploma
Co-Founder & CEO  HSP Gender Studies and Political Science MA Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies, PhD Women's Studies
Co-Founder and Videographer BA Sexuality Studies, Popular Music Studies
Co-Founder of a feminist media org.  BA Women's Studies and Feminist Research, Creative Writing, Diaspora Studies, Media Relations
Community Development Worker  HSP BA Gender, Development and Policy MA Gender Studies and Law
Community-focused Communicator and Digital Strategist HSP Women's Studies, MIT
Content Marketing & Community  BA Women's Studies
Court Reporter, Transciber BA Women's Studies
Creative Copywriter HSP Women's Studies, Sociology, Minor is GSC
Crisis and Support Line Volunteer BA, Women's Studies, Human Development and Family Studies
Crisis Intervention Counsellor  HSP Women's Studies, English Master's Degree, Women's Studies and Transitional Justice and Post-Conflict Reconstruction
Digital Communications Specialist BA Women's Studies and MIT
Digital Marketing Coordinator BA Women's Studies and MIT MA, Global Media and Transnational Communications
Direct Care Worker  HSP Criminology, Minor in Women's Studies MA Sociology
Employer Relations Associate B.A Women's Studies and Global Development 
Events & Partnerships Intern  HSP Women's Studies Post-Graduate Diploma Degree, Not-For-Profit Management
Executive Assistant  BA Philosophy and Women's Studies MA Feminist Philosophy
Founder Business Development Company BA Women's Studies
Founder of a workshop org HSP Women's Studies and Social Work Master's Degree, Women's Studies
Full-Time Service Specialist at Apple BA English and MIT MA Women's Studies
Gender and Sexuality Community Education & Outreach MA Public Administration, PhD Women's Studies
Human Resources Advisor  BA Women's Studies and Global Development Master's Degree, Migration & Women's Studies
Illustrator and Multimedia Designed BA, Women's Studies and MIT
J.D. Candidate HSP Women's Studies  Doctor of Law 
J.D. Candidate  BA Women's Studies, Political Science and First Nations Studies  Doctor of Law 
J.D. Candidate  HSP Women's Studies and English Doctor of Law 
J.D. Candidate  HSP Philosophy and minor in Women's Studies Doctor of Law 
Manager Operations  BA Feminist Theory & Linguistics MA Business Administration 
Marketing and Recruitment Assistant  HSP Women's Studies, minor in Pyschology 
Master of Education, Counselling Psychotherapy HSP English and Women's Studies MA Women's Studies and Feminist Research, Med Counseling Psychology
Master of Public Policy  Hons spec Political Science, Women's Studies minor MA Public Policy
Media Relations Specialist BA Sexuality Studies and MIT MA, Communication and Media Studies
National News Video Journalist  BA Gender Sexuality Studies & Political Science Post Graduate, Print and Broadcast Journalism 
Ph.D Student HSP Thanatology and Women's Studies MA Education, PhD Education
Ph.D Student HSP Women's Studies and major in Psychology Master's Degree, Gender Studies, PhD, Human Geography
Ph.D Student  BA Philosophy and Women's Studies MA Theory and Criticism
Ph.D Student  HSP Women's Studies MA Women and Gender Studies
Ph.D Student  BA Political Science, Women's Studies MA Women's Studies
Ph.D Student HSP Women's Studies, Music Performance MA Women's Studies, Phd in Gender Studies
Policy Analyst  HSP Double Major in Sexuality Studies and American Studies MA Public Administration, MA Women's Studies and Feminist Research
Postdoctoral Research Fellow BA Women's Studies, Sociology MA Kinesiology, PhD Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Program Coordinator Women's Studies HSP MA Women's Studies
Project Coordinator and Social Media Coordinator BA Women's Studies MA Women's Studies
Project Lead  BA Philosophy and Women & Gender Studies MA Women Studies and Feminist Research
Public Educator  HSP Women's Studies and Sexuality Studies MA Women's Studies
Public Relations Professional BA Women's Studies and MIT  graduate certificate in Public Affairs
Public Relations Student  Specialization in Women's Studies 
Researcher and Lecturer BA English Literature and Sociology MA Gender Studies, PhD Women's Studies and Feminist Research
Resource Specialist  HSP Women's Studies MA Women's Studies
Senior Communications Office HSP Women's Studies MA Gender Studies 
Senior Policy and Program Advisor BA Women's Studiea and Sociology Collaborative Master of Arts
Social Media Strategist  BA International Relations and Affairs, Sociology, Women and Gender Studies MA Women's Studies and Feminist Research
Social Service Worker  BA Women's Studies and Sociology
Speech-Language Pathologist  HSP Women's Studies, Psychology MCISc, Speech-Language Pathology
Sr Sourcing Consultant Sexuality Studies and Psychology major
Student at Law HSP Criminology, Women's Studies minor  J.D. Law
Team Lead  Women's Studies HSP Master's degree, Social Work
Trust and Safety Specialist BA Women's Studies MA, Early Childhood Studies
Volunteer Board Member BA Anthropology
Web Designer BA Women's Studies  Diploma in Computer Programmer Analyst
Wellness Writer Double BA Sociology and English MA Women's Studies