Linguistics 1028B
Linguistics: Applications and Extensions

Prerequisite(s): One of Anthropology 1027A/B, Linguistics 2288A/B, (both French 2805A/B, French 2806A/B), Spanish 3303A/B, the former French 2800 or permission of Linguistics program.

Course description:

In the Introduction to Linguistics you learned that Linguistics is the scientific study of human language and looked at sounds, words, phrases and meaning from synchronic and diachronic perspectives. Ling 1028 acquaints students with human language and how it relates to the mind and the society through space and time. Topics will include applications of linguistics such as dialectology and variation, typology, language acquisition, language and culture, language and brain. We will also look at ideas and misconceptions that exist in the society around language and students will further inquire into their nature.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this course, students will be able to

  • Describe, explain and analyze the main linguistic processes (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics)
  • Describe linguistic variation using the appropriate terminology
  • Recognize linguistic patterns within and across languages and express in standard written academic language
  • Identify and describe the relationship between language, society and mind, and the relevant complexities
  • Analyze and explain the relationships between languages through space and time
  • Assess and evaluate analyses of linguistic data with clarity and depth
  • Articulate a misconception that exists about language
  • Collect and summarize the necessary findings from research papers about this misconception by doing secondary research
  • Communicate their findings to general public in a digital format

Course Materials (required)

  • Contemporary Linguistic Analysis: an introduction, 9th edition. Edited by William O’Grady and John Archibald (2020) Pearson/Longman: Toronto.

Course Materials (optional)

  • Contemporary Linguistic Analysis: an introduction, study guide, 9th edition. Edited by William O’Grady and John Archibald, prepared by Teresa Merrells (2020) Pearson/Longman: Toronto.

Additional readings (available either online, on reserve at Weldon Library, to be announced later) as required.