French 2208B
French for Healthcare /
Le français de la santé

Prerequisites: French 1999, French 1910, French 1900E or permission of the Department of French Studies based on the Placement Test.
Antirequisites: None

French 2208B is a 0.5 online course that can be taken towards the Certificate in Business French or the Diploma in Business French.

Course objectives

Improve comprehension as well as oral and written communication skills in French while learning about current topics related to health and healthcare in Canada.

Acquire French vocabulary related to health and healthcare.

Learning Modules

The course consists of 8 learning modules. Each module contains slideshows, press articles, audio and video documents, and interactive exercises:

  • The human body
  • Symptoms and illnesses
  • Medical tests and diagnosis
  • Medicines
  • Alternative therapies
  • Vaccination and epidemic prevention
  • The World Health Organization and public healthcare in Canada
  • The hospital

Course materials

The OWL course site contains all the necessary materials for the course.  No textbooks are required.


  • 2 online tests (2 x 15%)   30%
  • Participation in 2 discussion forums (2 x 20%)   40%
  • Oral presentation on a topic of your choice   25%
  • Comments on your peers’ presentations  5%