Ileana Paul


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University College, room 3125

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1987 UBC
1988-1991 McGill University BA
1993-2000 McGill University PhD

General areas of academic specialisation

Linguistics, syntax, semantics, morphology, Malagasy syntax, field techniques for linguistics, Austronesian syntax

Current research

Restructuring in Austronesian, Malagasy pronouns, Malagasy DP structure, null pronouns in Malagasy


Books edited

2018. I. Paul (guest co-editor with Laura Kalin and Jozina Vander Klok). Heading in the right direction: Linguistic Treats for Lisa Travis. McGill Working Papers in Linguistics 25 (Special Issue in Honour of Lisa Travis). Montreal: McGill.

2015. I. Paul (editor). Dialectal microvariation in Madagascar. Special issue of Western Papers in Linguistics.

2014. I. Paul (editor). Cross-linguistic investigations of nominalization patterns. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

2012. I. Paul (guest editor). Properties of predication. Special issue of the Canadian Journal of Linguistics.

Recent articles published in refereed publications

Forthcoming. Diagnostics for units of language that occupy the determiner position. In S. Armoskaite & M. Wiltschko (eds) The Oxford Handbook of Determiners. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Revised version accepted for publication.

Forthcoming. (with Lisa Travis) Pronominal deficiency: A view from Malagasy. Canadian Journal of Linguistics

2021. (with Diane Massam) Licensing null arguments in recipes across languages. Journal of Linguistics 57:815-839. 10.1017/S0022226721000293

2021. (with Jozina Vander Klok) What categorial ambiguity doesn’t tell us about crossed control: Commentary on Jeoung 2020. Language 97:e276-e292.

2020. (with Diane Massam) Une recette pour des arguments nuls. Arborescences 10:113-126.

2020. (with Baholisoa Ralalaoherivony and Henriëtte de Swart). Culminating and non-culminating accomplishments in Malagasy. Linguistics 58:1285-1322.

2017. Reduced structure in Malagasy headlines. Linguistic Variation 17:292-308.

2016. When bare nouns scope wide. The case of Malagasy. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 34:271-305. 10.1007/s11049-015-9302-z

2015. (with Key Cortes and Lareina Milambiling) Definiteness without D: The case of Tagalog ang and ng. Canadian Journal of Linguistics 60:361-390.

2012. General number and the structure of DP. In D. Massam (ed) Count and mass across languages. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 99-111.

2012. (with Eric Potsdam) Sluicing without wh-movement in Malagasy. In J. Merchant & A. Simpson (eds) Sluicing in a cross linguistic perspective. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 164-182.

2012. (with Rita Hanitramalala) Malagasy quantifiers. In E. Keenan & D. Paperno (eds) Handbook of quantifiers in natural language. Dordrecht: Springer. 613-645.

Published proceedings (abstracts were refereed)

2020. Ileana Paul and Diane Massam. Recipes in Malagasy and other languages. In Proceedings of Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association.

2019. Jake Aziz and Ileana Paul. The intonation of Malagasy: A preliminary look. In Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of the Phonetic Sciences. 3792-3796.

2019. Ileana Paul and Lisa Travis. Augmented Pronoun Construction in Malagasy across time and space. In Proceedings of the Fifty-Fourth Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society, (eds.) Eszter Ronai, Laura Stigliano and Yenan Sun. Chicago: CLS

2015. Ileana Paul, Baholisoa Ralalaoherivony, Henriëtte de Swart. Aspect and modality in Malagasy maha. In Proceedings of the Canadian Linguistic Association, (ed.) S. Vinerte.

2015. Ileana Paul, Baholisoa Ralalaoherivony, Henriëtte de Swart. Malagasy maha at the crossroads of voice, causation and modality. In Proceedings of the Forty-second Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society, (eds.) E. Clem, V. Dawson, A. Shen, A. Skilton, G. Bacon, A. Cheng, E. Maier.

Non refereed publication

2018. The features of proper determiners in four varieties of Malagasy. In L. Kalin, I. Paul and J. Vander Klok (guest editors), F. Gentile and J. Lamontagne (editors), Heading in the right direction: Linguistic treats for Lisa Travis. McGill Working Papers in Linguistics 25: 324-331.