Henri Boyi


519-661-2111 ext 87446

University College, room 2122

Courriel: hboyi@uwo.ca

Formation et domaines de spécialisation

MA, Cornell University (1992)
MA, University of Wisconsin-Madison (1984)

My main interest lies in French language teaching and learning in a multicultural and multilingual environment.  It is essential that any approaches of language pedagogy take into account that languages are an integral part of human development.  My own language pedagogy therefore always combine traditional and modern methods including the fact that integrative strategies aim at developing all skills that lead to the effective mastery of written and oral French.  Grammatical theories and practices, textual analysis, intellectual and cultural realms, as well as multimedia activities contribute to the creation of a classroom environment where language learning becomes a truly enjoyable experience.  At the beginning of my classes, students always hear the following words: “Let’s all work hard and have fun!”


Selected articles in books and journals

“Intercolonialité, interculturalité et altérité”, in Literary Research, ed. Calin Mihailescu (Winter 2005)

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Book Reviews

 Bearing Witness: Readers, Writers, and the Novel in Nigeria.  Ed, Wendy Griswold.  Princeton: Princeton UP, 2000; 340 pp. In Literary Research, Vol. 17, No 34 (Automn-Winter, 2001).

Race Rules.  Ed. Michael E. Dyson. In Literary Research, No. 27 (Spring-Summer 1997) La Litterature Antillaise FrancophoneEd. Regis Antoine.   In Literary Research.  No 26 (Spring-Summer 1996)

Creative Writing

 Two poems in Image: The Scholar’s Release.  Vol. 3, No 1& 2, (Winter/Spring 1994)

Three poems in Umoja Sasa.  Cornell University, (Winter 1994)

“The Lover,” in Hammers #8, Evanston: Double Star Press, 1993

“Gadeloupe Chérie,” in African Literature Association Bulletin, Vol. 19, No 2, (Spring 1993)

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