Information for graduate students who want to take an undergraduate course in French Studies

Graduate students interested in taking a French course, (for language requirement or general interest), can take ONLY FRENCH 1910 (restricted enrollment: sections 200, 201, 205 and 206 in Fall/Winter 2024-2025), or French courses at the 2200-level or above.

For prerequisites, antirequisites and official course descriptions, please consult the Academic Calendar.

Official timetables are available at

Please note that:

1) Auditing is not permitted in French undergraduate courses;
2) graduate students taking undergraduate courses must abide by all undergraduate regulations;
3) your final grade will be a numerical grade that will appear on your transcript, and will be part of your cumulative average. You cannot take the course as a pass/fail.

To start the enrolment process, please contact Mirela Parau at