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Western's Chemistry Club is a group of individuals with the aim to get people excited about chemistry! Students enrolled in the Chemistry modules are automatically club members but we don’t only consist of chemistry students. We are also students from Medical Sciences, Health Sciences, and even Ivey. Our goal is to provide academic support to chemistry students (first years to fourth years) and plan fun and interactive chemistry related events to connect the faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students! Below we have some information about the things we do, and if you have any questions or want to get involved feel free to contact us. 

What We Do

Goggle Sales

Taking Chem 1301A and need a pair of lab goggles? 

Stop by the Chemistry Club office (MSA1215, right beside first year chem labs) to purchase your goggles for $10 or use the free goggle voucher in your 1301A Lab Manual. We take both cash and E-transfer! We have a few styles of safety goggles you can choose from, including some styles that will fit over glasses. The Chemistry Club will announce pick-up times at the beginning of the year on our Facebook page and in class. 

First Year Tutorial

The Chemistry Club plans and facilitates question and answer based review sessions before each of the first year chemistry midterms. These sessions are run by our VP Academic with the help of a group of upper-year Chemistry students, all of whom have taken the same course they are helping with! This tutorial is open to all first year students and is announced in first year chemistry classes. This is a great resource if you need some extra help before your exams. Our VP Academic can also be an invaluable resource if you are in upper years and still find you need some help with chemistry, so feel free to contact us if you have questions! 


The Chemistry Club annually participates in National Chemistry Week by hosting an event within the community to promote the value of chemistry at the local level. Chemists and chemistry enthusiasts come together to encourage and spark interest in young minds and hopeful future chemists through fun and exciting demonstrations with and for our community! Although the event may change year to year, popular demonstrations include the uses of liquid nitrogen and dry ice and experiments making slime! To become involved with this event or for further information as to when and where it will be, contact the VP Outreach!  


The Chemistry Club is famous for its iconic merchandise with the trademark W “ester” N Chemistry logo. Every year the club creates new club merchandise ranging from shirts and quarter-zip sweaters, to hats, socks, and shot glasses! New merch release dates and pick up times will be announced on our social media. The merchandise Chemistry Club offers is a great way to show off your enthusiasm for your chemistry department! 


The Chemistry Club runs a variety of events throughout the year for its members and the Department of Chemistry. Although events vary from year to year, one of our most famous events which we run each semester is “Quaff with Prof”, where upper-year Chemistry students enjoy dinner and drinks with their professors, TA’s, and fellow students. A few times each year we also organize a liquid nitrogen ice cream stand, chemistry club merchandise tie-dye days, and fun stress-reliever events including pizza parties and therapy dog sessions! 

2023-2024 Executive


President: Ishika Patil
Vice President: Sarah Tribe
VP of Events: Mitchell Bruce
VP of Communications: Julia Petryschuk
VP of Finances: Megan Graham
VP of Academics: Connor Durfy
Third Year Representative: Sean Liboiron
Upper Year Representative: Natalie Merola
Upper Year Representative: Mona El Mokatren
Upper Year Representative: Kristin Goodger
Upper Year Representative: Lauren DiLoreto
Upper Year Representative: Victoria Chou
Upper Year Representative: Jessica Pereira
Second Year Representative: Kyleigh Hilton


Previous Executives

2022/23 Executive Team

President: Erika Elliott
VP of Events: Mitchell Bruce
VP of Communications: Natalie Merola
VP of Finances: Katie Cook
VP of Academics: Leah Shapiro
Third Year Representative: Sarah Tribe
Fourth Year Representative: Sophie Pulumbarit

2021/22 Executive Team

President: Erika Elliott
VP Academic: Tristyn Snow
VP of Communications: Ishika Patil
VP Finance:
 Sanjog Brar
VP Events: Lauren DiLoreto
Second Year Reps: Taif Ali, Sabine Fedder, Sarah Tribe
Third Year Reps
: Julia Petryschuk, Victoria Chou
Fourth Year Reps: Sara Jahanghiri

2020/21 Executive Team

President: Taylor Cosby
VP Outreach: Paul Winiarz
VP Events: Janina Chelu-Penalagan
VP Finance: Ben Shendelman
VP Academic: Martha Szwarczewski 
Second Year Reps: Erika Elliott and Lauren DiLoreto
Third Year Reps
: Sanjog Brar 
Fourth Year Reps: Elyse Hudson

2019/20 Executive Team

President: Evie Kapur
VP Communications: Alex Gilles
VP Events: Janina Chelu-Penalagan
VP Finance: Ben Shendelman
VP Academic: Alexander Sever
Third Year Reps: Elyse Hudson and Paul Winiarz
Fourth Year Reps: Allison Hung and Alison Stark

2018/19 Executive Team

President: Taylor Cosby
VP Communications: Hunter Feltham
VP Academic: Nick Hoffman
VP Events: Maddy Sattler
VP Finance: Ben Shendelman
Third Year Representative: Katie Proctor Fourth Year Representative: Cindy Coleman

2017/18 Executive Team

President: Claire Tully
VP Communications: Jonathan Wong
VP Academic: Benjamin Bridge
VP Events: Ally Hung
VP Finance: Hannah Nilsson
Third Year Representatives: Peter Hoang and Taylor Cosby Fourth Year Representatives: Karanpreet Gill and Mariel Bulcan

2016/17 Executive Team

President: Robert Nanni
Vice President: Margot Treidlinger
VP Finance: Troy Babcock
VP Internal Communications: Alec Ray Sherman
VP Events: Daniela Cappello
VP Outreach: Taylor Cosby
VP Academic: Mathanky Jeyakumar
VP Merchandise: Pamela Libfeld
VP Sport: Jessica West
VP Promotions: Andre Zekic
SSC Liaison: Michaela Fernandes

2015/16 Executive Team

President: Simona Miljanic
VP Outreach: Michaela Fernandes
VP Social: Daniela Cappello
VP Sports: Ryan Whyte
VP Academic: Lizzy Davenport
VP Communications: Jordan Payette
VP Finance: Robert Nanni
VP Merchandise: Laura Kizovski
VP Marketing: Shawn Skrepnek
SSC Liaison: Jordan LeSarge
VP Grad Students: Tom Sutherland

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If you have any questions or want to get involved please contact us!

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