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Everywhere we go, no matter if we are able to see it directly or not, chemistry plays a critical role in everything around us. From vaccine development, operating a motor vehicle or even using your phone, all involve some form of chemistry. Also known as the central science, chemistry is defined by the study of materials and their behaviour at both the atomic and molecular level. Since all matter consists of atoms and molecules, knowledge and understanding of chemistry is key for understanding areas in other physical and biological sciences. 

An undergraduate degree in chemistry is highly versatile and provides a solid foundation for a wide variety of exciting careers. The chemistry program at Western is instructed by enthusiastic, award-winning faculty. With small classes, a friendly atmosphere, and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, chemistry students acquire important talents that are crucial in today’s competitive job marketplace: problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, organizational, communications, and interpersonal skills.

Within the Department of Chemistry, there are many modules to explore.