Balance & Flexibility

Daily balance and flexibility sessions of at least 5 minutes each in length can help maintain independence as you age.

Flexibility training should be completed when muscles are warm, after cardiorespiratory or strength training is ideal. Balance activities can be done at any time. The more often these components are challenged the longer you will maintain the functional benefits of the exercises.

Balance 3 | Kathy

In this video, Kathy describes balance practice on uneven surfaces. She leads viewers through a variety of exercises to challenge stability both indoors, using a cushion or a mat and a small exercise ball, and outdoors.

Note: This workout is appropriate for all CCAA exercise class participants.


Balance 2 | Kathy

In this video, Kathy explains different balance concepts and leads participants through a variety of exercises to practice focused, distracted and preventative balance using a small exercise ball (any small prop can be used).

Note: This workout is appropriate for all CCAA exercise class participants.

Balance  1 | Kathy

CCAA certified senior fitness instructor, Kathy, leads participants through basic balance training technique and tips followed by a variety of single-leg exercises with modifications to challenge balance at all levels of ability.

Note: This workout is appropriate for all CCAA exercise class participants.

Best Practices

  • Ensure that the exercise space in your home is a safe environment for movement, for example, your floor surface should be free of tripping hazards such as cords and scatter rugs.
  • Wear proper athletic footwear and comfortable clothing that allows you to move around freely.
  • Balance activities should be challenging and performed near a stable support such as a sturdy chair, wall, counter or railing.
  • Flexibility exercises (dynamic and static) should be performed at light-to moderate- intensities.
    • Pain-free range-of-motion (dynamic) movements around joints should be performed at light intensities.
    • Moderately challenging static stretches can be held for 15-20 seconds (a slight pull should be felt in the muscle during lengthening).
  • Balance and flexibility sessions should each last a minium of 5 minutes.
  • Any amount of physical activity is beneficial, but the closer you get to daily integration of balance and flexibility activities the longer functional benefits are maintained and the more likely you are to see improvement in these areas.

Don't forget to review the disclaimer and if possible chat with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.