Western Campus Recreation


Who can use the Mustangs Leadership and Team Development Program?


How old do you have to be to participate in the Mustangs Leadership and Team Development Programs?

Our programs offer a wide range of programming options suitable for groups aged 7 through to adults. When you are ready to request a program, please specify the age range of your group to allow us to create a program that is age-appropriate.

When is Mustangs Leadership and Team Developmentopen for programming?

Mustangs Leadership and Team Development programming is available by contract year round. However, the Winter season will restrictthe accessbility of some facilities and certain activities that require outdoor space and weather dependent facilities. Please contact us with the specific dates you are interested in.

How large/small a group can Mustangs Leadership and Team Development programs accommodate?

Our program requires a minimum of 5 participants for a program, and can accommodate groups of up to 300. Please contact us with specific questions about your group.

Do coaches / teachers / parent volunteers have to pay to attend a Mustangs Leadership and Team Building Program?

No, you are welcome to bring as many coaches / teachers / volunteers as you like free of charge! Participant costs can be found on our website under Booking Information.

What happens if it rains on the day of program?

We ask that all participants come dressed appropriately for the weather. If it is raining we will stay outside as long as possible but in case of extreme weather conditions (ie: thunderstorms, fog, etc.) the program will move inside. Our staff will be prepared to executea Rain/Alternative program and/or location for every program.