Graduate Student Travel & Research Funding

Students may apply for program funding through a variety of resources.

Graduate Student Conference Travel subsidy

Eligible expenses include:

  • registration
  • travel (from home or university to conference destination)
  • accommodation and meals where student is present for the purpose of a conference presentation
  • other costs related to conference presentations

To be eligible, students must be presenting a paper at a recognized scholarly peer-reviewed conference. Applicants are eligible to receive up to $600 per year. Original, itemized receipts must be submitted within 60 days for all expenses except parking and tolls (credit card slips/statements not accepted). Mileage and meal rates can be found here and here. Per diems for private accommodations are not honoured. 

Western encourages all Canadian citizens to register with the Government of Canada while abroad. Click here to learn how.

Cornell School of Criticism and Theory

Each year the Centre sends one Sponsored Participant to the Cornell School of Criticism and Theory summer session, valued at $3,000. The SCT offers advanced graduate students a chance to work with preeminent figures in critical thought -- exploring the relationships among literature, history, art, anthropology and the law. Participants work with the SCT's core faculty of distinguished scholars and theorists in one of four six-week seminars.

Preference will be given to PhD students who have passed their Qualifying exams, although exceptional candidates at an earlier stage in the program will also be considered. The sponsorship covers all tuition fees and does not cover residential costs, meals or travel. Applications must be submitted directly to the Theory Centre in either hard copy or electronic format and should include the following:

- A statement (no more than two pages) describing current scholarly interests and how the School of Criticism and Theory might further those interests and plans. The statement should include information about courses taken and/or taught in criticism and theory.
- Two letters of recommendation
- An up-to-date CV

Application deadline January 1st. Contact the Centre for more information.

Arts & Humanities Donor Awards

Graduate Donor Awards are designed to support the costs of research undertaken by full-time graduate students enrolled in a graduate program in Arts and Humanities. Applicants must be engaged in doing research as part of their degree requirements. Award values range between $800-$1200 per recipient. Funds can be requested to help offset the costs of field (including travel) research. Students will be notified via email once the competition opens, and the deadline is usually in January of each year. Contact Gabbi Whitlock at for more information.

SOGS/Grad Club Travel subsidy

The Society of Graduate Students/Grad Club Travel Subsidy covers up to a maximum of $500 based on demonstrated need. Subsidy deadlines are the last business day of each term.  Applications must be submitted within the term of the conference and are adjudicated once each term after the deadline. Learn more