Committee terms begin effective July 1.
Committees can view a copy of the Theory Centre Constitution here.
Students can view a copy of the Theory and Criticism Student Assembly Constitution here.

Graduate Studies Committee

The Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) is the governing body of the Centre. The GSC has the obligation to defend and promote the interests of the Centre, and to serve as a liaison between the Centre, its students, and the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS). The GSC advises on issues relating to strategic direction and management of the Centre.

Allan Pero (Director - Chair)
Joel Faflak (English)
Helen Fielding (Women's Studies & Philosophy)
Mark Franke (Global Studies at Huron)
Daniel Vaillancourt (French)
Maxwell Hyett (PhD rep)
Alex Morgan (MA rep)

Graduate Student Assembly

The mandate of the Theory and Criticism Student Assembly (TCSA) is to:

  • Maintain a continuous body of knowledge with respect to institutional practices and procedures;
  • And in that regard, seek a transparent and accountable channel of communication with the Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism’s administrative bodies;
  • Hold a regular forum for Theory Centre students to express their concerns and desires with respect to the operations of the Centre;
  • Elect student representatives to administrative bodies internal and external to the Centre;
  • Foster community and peer-to-peer interaction among the Theory Centre student body.

Students can view a copy of the TCSA Constitution here.

Research Committee

The Research Committee is responsible for the administration of the Centre's annual Speaker Series. This committee serves to coordinate and manage conferences, and to address other research-related issues and initiatives as they arise. 

Allan Pero (Director; Chair)
Nandita Biswas Mellamphy (Political Science)
Mark Franke (Centre for Global Studies)
Josh Schuster (English)
Charles Stocking (Classical Studies)
Mina Rosefield (PhD rep)
Kyle Stewart (MA rep)

Steering and Advisory Committee

Responsibilities of this committee are to promote the continued success of the Centre, and to provide advice on administrative matters and issues relating to the direction and management of the Centre.

Dean of Arts & Humanities (Chair)
Dean of Social Science
Dean of Information & Media Studies
Allan Pero (Director)
Tilottama Rajan (English)
Matthew Rowlinson (English)
Joshua Schuster (English)
Nick Wees (PhD rep)
Eric Shepperd (MA rep)

Qualifying Examination Committee

The Qualifying Exam Committee is responsible for the administration of program requirements unique to the Doctoral degree, such as Core Qualifying Examinations.

Mary Helen McMurran (English)
Jan Plug, Chair (English)
John Vanderheide (Centre for Global Studies)

Equity Committee

The Equity Committee is a body of core faculty members, PhD, and MA students that oversee and coordinate issues having to do with inclusiveness and respect in the Centre and to seeks to promote a culture of inclusiveness and open dialogue. The Committee is especially concerned with developing ways to assure that the Centre welcomes members of traditionally marginalized groups and that its courses, exams, and other scholarly activities represent a diverse range of theorists and schools of thought.

Chris Keep (English)
Kevin Mooney (Music)
Sharon Sliwinski (Information & Media Studies)
Jennifer Komorowski (PhD rep)
Won Jeon (MA rep)