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Recent Dissertations and Theses

Nicholas D. Tostowaryk, Temporalities of Revolution: On the Representation of History and Collective Action, Master of Arts.

Wil Patrick, Trial by Space: Lost Cause Monuments and Public Controversy through Bruno Latour and Henri Lefebvre, Master of Arts.

Jonathan Doering, The Weak Survival of French Rhetoric, Doctor of Philosophy.



Issue # 5 ‘To Be a Body?’

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Faculty Bookshelf



Theory Sessions

PhD candidate Julian Evans on “The Avifaunal Imaginary"



Graduate Student Conferences

22nd Annual Graduate Conference "Camp/camp: a collision of style and biopolitics", organized by Comparative Literature, Theory & Criticism, and Hispanic Studies at Western University.



Speaker Series

Each year The Speaker Series brings in several visiting guest lecturers. Speakers over the years have included Jean Baudrillard, Lauren Berlant, Peter Brooks, Norman Bryson, David Carroll, Anthony Cascardi, Wlad Godzich, Jean-Joseph Goux, Elizabeth Grosz, N. Katherine Hayles, Linda Hutcheon, Martin Jay, Michael Hardt, Agnes Heller, Barbara Johnson, David Farrell Krell, Murray Krieger, Arthur Kroker, Dominick LaCapra, Jerome McGann, J. Hillis Miller, Chantal Mouffe, Christopher Norris, Mark Poster, Richard Rorty, Charles Scott, Thomas Sebeok, Kaja Silverman, Gayatri Spivak, Bernard Stiegler, Samuel Weber, Hayden White, Slavoj Žižek, and many others.