2018-19 Speaker Series

Friday, December 7th: Dr. David Ferris (University of Colorado at Boulder) on "Agamben's Exception: Misreading Schmitt and Benjamin."


The Theory Sessions

Friday, November 9th - Katie Grant presents: “Meditations on Weather & the Domestication of Death (or, A tentative reply to Mourning Diary).”

Conferences and Media

The fourth issue of CHIASMA is here!

Find a variety of seminars, conferences, publications and lectures by both internal and external faculty and students on our media page.

Featured Research


Core faculty and graduate students conduct research across a wide range of disciplines and topic matters--view a snap-shot of some of the most recent projects associated with Theory and Criticism


Recent Dissertations and Theses

David Guignion, The Mirror of Humanism; or, Towards a Baudrillardian Posthuman Theory, Master of Arts.

Alexander Walker, Monuments of the Present: The Document and Monument in Michel Foucault's Archaeology, Master of Arts.

Joshua Livingstone, Preparing to Receive: On the Revolutionary Questioning of Being and Time, Master of Arts.

Jacob Norris, 1981: One or Several Aesthetics?, Master of Arts.


Faculty Bookshelf