2018-19 Speaker Series

Friday, February 1st: Dr. Paul North (Yale University) 'On what likeness is like', from his new book ‘Bizarre Privileged Items in the Universe: The Logic of Likeness’


The Theory Sessions

Friday, January 25th - Jeremy Arnott on Busenattentat, Bacchanal, and Bildung: Adorno’s “Conflict of the Faculties”

Conferences and Media

The fourth issue of CHIASMA is here!

Find a variety of seminars, conferences, publications and lectures by both internal and external faculty and students on our media page.

Featured Research


Core faculty and graduate students conduct research across a wide range of disciplines and topic matters--view a snap-shot of some of the most recent projects associated with Theory and Criticism


Recent Dissertations and Theses

Vladimir Cristache, Bastard Reasoning: A "Preposterous" History of Walter Benjamin's Ideas, Doctor of Philosophy.

Richard Dew, Pheneticism As A Cultural And Literary Critique Of Human Interaction, Master of Arts.

Adam Rejak, The Event of Blues Music and the Effects of Technology on the Artistic Event, Doctor of Philosophy.

Averil Novak, Post-Foundational Subjects and the Aesthetics of Dispossession, Doctor of Philosophy. 


Faculty Bookshelf