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The Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism is an interdisciplinary research centre at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. The Theory Centre houses a graduate program offering Master's and Doctoral degrees in Theory and Criticism, including areas of inquiry such as Post-Structuralist Theory, Deconstruction, Social and Political Thought, Continental Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Visual Culture, Media Studies, Gender Studies, and Queer Theory, Marxist Theory, Post-Humanist Theory, 18th & 19th Century Philosophy, and History of Thought. More broadly, studies in our program are concerned with the questions raised by these movements, and with constructing a dialogue both between theory and its history and between the disciplines or discourses that have contributed to contemporary theory.

The Theory Centre is one of the oldest and most established programs of its kind in North America. Since the inception of its MA program in 1990, and the PhD program in 2002, it has consistently attracted exceptionally qualified students from around the world. Our Core Faculty includes scholars with international reputations from the Arts and Humanities, Information & Media Studies, and Social Sciences. In addition to its graduate seminars (most of which are unique to our program), the Centre hosts a vigorous Speaker Series, regularly sponsors major international conferences, and supports a graduate-student journal, Chiasma. With its rich tradition of interdisciplinary research and cross-faculty collaborations, its award-winning faculty, and vibrant student community, The Theory Centre is one of Western’s most respected graduate programs.

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Our administrative office is located in Stevenson Hall. Contact us directly with any questions by phoning our Western extension number, 83442. Learn More