Courses at the Centre are taught by both Core and Non-core faculty at Western, as well emeritus faculty and visiting lecturers. With some exceptions, courses are limited to no more than 15 students. Master's students are required to fulfill a “breadth requirement” by taking at least one half course from each of groups A & B:

Group A: aesthetics, philosophy, psychoanalysis, language theory
Group B: social, cultural and political theory
Group C: topical focus covering a variety of theorists from the above areas, as well as 19th-century, modern, and contemporary theory



More information about course requirements can be found here.
Required course forms can be found here
Classes take place in Stevenson Hall Rm. 3165 unless otherwise noted.



Fall 2018

Catalog Number Title Instructor Day & Time Category
9152 From Dada to Dank Memes: Revolt, Revulsion, and Discontent Andrew Wenaus Tuesday
9:30am - 12:30pm
9245 Zones of Entanglement: Philosophy, the Life Sciences and Medicine 1785-2012 Tilottama Rajan Tuesday
9436 The Subject of the Object Peter Schwenger Wednesday

Reconciliation and its Discontents: Theory, Art, Critique

cross-listed w/ English 9168 (University College Rm. 4415)

Pauline Wakeham Thursday
9:30am - 12:30pm
UC 4415
CL 9612

Metamorphoses of the Letter

pre-approved external course

Laurence de Looze Thursday
UC 3320
9500 Mimesis in Modernity John Vanderheide Friday

 * all courses take place in Stevenson-Lawson Hall Rm. 3165 unless otherwise noted

Winter 2019

Title Instructor Day & Time Category
9228 Keywords for the 21st Century Regna Darnell Monday

Post-work Imaginaries

cross-listed w/ Sociology 9151B 

Michael Gardiner Tuesday
SSC 5230
WS 9572

Queer Temporalities

pre-approved external course

Chris Roulston Wednesday
StvH 3166
9559 Under Elding Towers, Among Dimming Stars: The Spaces and Politics of Modernity Allan Pero Wednesday

French Enlightenment Thought and the Rise of Materialism

Assignment/Reading list

Edward Matthews Thursday

Hantology, or Reading Byung-Chul Han

Julian Jason Haladyn Friday
11:30am - 2:30pm


Historical course offerings:


9205A A Design for Life: Aesthetico-Politics in Semio-Capitalism - Aarnoud Rommens [A]

9424B Marx from Beginning to End: The 1844 Manuscripts Today - Nick Dyer Witheford [B]

9432B Contemporary theories of Fascism and Counter-Fascism - Mireya Folch Serra [B]

9440A Of the Mycelium and its Gravity: Late Lacan, Sexuation, Sinthome, and the Baroque - Allan Pero [C]

9458B Critical Race and Feminist Studies - Erica Lawson [C]

9503A Political Responses to Crisis and Collapse: Hannah Arendt, Edith Stein, Rosa Luxemburg, and Simone Weil - Antonio Calcagno [B]

9565B Imagining Community - Jan Plug [A]

9617A Indigenous Critical Theory: Key Concepts and Debates - Pauline Wakeham [B]

9637A Questioning Aesthetics - Julian J. Haladyn [A]

9640B Existential Risk - Joshua Schuster [A]

9538B Feminist Phenomenology - Helen Fielding [C]


9539A Derrida - Jan Plug [C]

9578B Utopia - Michael Gardiner [B]

9586A Queer and Transgender Studies - Wayne Martino [C]

9636A The Aesthetic Idea - John Vanderheide [A]

9642A Information Overload, Stress Culture, and the Contemplative Turn - Ajit Pyati [C]

9643B The Politics of Agonism, From Agamemnon to Agamben - Charles Stocking [B]

9651B Words and Things - Kevin Mooney [C]

9652A Philosophy and Theory from the Late 18th Century to the Late 20th Century - Tilottama Rajan [A]

9653B Queer Temporalities - Christine Roulston [C]

9654A Envisioning and Creating Resistant Ways of Being: The New Wave of Italian Theory - Antonio Calcagno [C]


9502B Boredom - Michael Gardiner [C]

9513A Heidegger - Steve Lofts [C]

9630A Theories of Mind and Soul: Plato to Hume - Mary Helen McMurran [A]

9639B Psychos and Schizos: Deleuze and Psychoanalysis - John Vanderheide [C]

9644A The Pharmakon of Nature: Philosophy, Speculation and the Life Sciences - Tilottama Rajan [A]

9657A On Exile - Sharon Sliwinski [C]

9660B A Useless Exile: The Promise of Aesthetics - Allan Pero [C]

9673B Autonomism, Communisation, Accelerationism - Nick Dyer Witheford [B]


9227B Franz Boas and his World - Regna Darnell [B]

9533A Levinas - Steve Lofts [C]

9622B Hauntings: Matter and Spirit in Contemporary Critical Theory - Christopher Keep [A]

9624A The Social, the Ethical, and the Global - Scott Schaffer [B]

9626A Dreaming and Thinking - Sharon Sliwinski [A]

9637A Questioning Aesthetics - Julian J. Haladyn [A]

9638B Philosophies of Nature - Joshua Schuster [A]

9648A Langue, out on parole - Călin-Andrei Mihăilescu [A]

9649B What is Enlightenment? - Kevin Mooney [A]

9650A On the Contemporary Possibility of Political Interiority - Antonio Calcagno [B]

9658B Metamorphoses of the Letter - Laurence de Looze [C]


9226A Beyond Incommensurability across Cultures and Languages - Regna Darnell [B]

9504A Anxiety - Jan Plug [A]

9507B "Charged by an Asymptomatic Curve": The Spaces of Love and the Event - Allan Pero [A]

9513A Heidegger - Stephen G. Lofts [C]

9578A the Concept of Utopia - Michael Gardiner [B]

9609B War on Terror - Nandita Biswas Mellamphy [B]

9625A Eighteenth-Century Philosophy and Literature - Mary Helen McMurran [C]

9627B Adorno and Critical Theory - Kevin Mooney [C]

9634A Sovereign Laws of Movement, Politics, Life - Mark Franke [B]

9635B Letter, Trace, Archive: Freud, Lacan, and Derrida on the Signifier in Psychoanalysis - Matthew Rowlinson [C]

9636B The Aesthetic Idea - John Vanderheide [A]