Courses at the Centre are taught by both Core and Non-core faculty at Western, as well emeritus faculty and visiting lecturers. Master's students are required to fulfill a “breadth requirement” by taking at least one half course from each of groups A & B:

Group A: aesthetics, philosophy, psychoanalysis, language theory
Group B: social, cultural and political theory
Group C: topical focus covering a variety of theorists from the above areas, as well as 19th-century, modern, and contemporary theory

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Fall 2021*

Method of Delivery Title Instructor Day & Time Category
In Person

9202 Cine-Perception

Janelle Blankenship Monday
In Person 9222 Anti-Psychoanalyses: A (Short and Incomplete) History of Confluences and Conflicts Cristina Ionica Monday
In Person 9637 Questioning Aesthetics Julian J. Haladyn Tuesday
In Person 9150 Disability, Ability and the Idea of Self Jeremy Colangelo Wednesday
In Person 9656 Social Theory in the Age of Austerity Matt Stahl Thursday

 * all Theory & Criticism courses take place in Stevenson Hall Rm. 3165

Winter 2022*

Method of Delivery Title Instructor Day & Time Category
In Person 9206 Instrumentality Jonathan De Souza Tuesday
9:30 - 12:30
In Person

9326 Ways of Seeing, Ways of Listening

Sharon Sliwinski

1:30 – 4:30
FNB 4110

In Person

9229 Biopolitics and the Unconscious

Matthew Rowlinson

12:30 - 3:30

In Person

9244 Postcolonial Theory at the Limits of the Animal

Jason Sandhar Thursday
9:30 -12:30
In Person

9538 Critical Phenomenology

Helen Fielding Friday

  * all Theory & Criticism courses take place in Stevenson Hall Rm. 3165 unless otherwise noted

Historical course offerings:


9154A The Philosophy of Hannah Arendt: Rethinking the Social and the Political - Antonio Calcagno [B]

9203B Land, Language, Locatives - Regna Darnell [B]

9223B Climate Change - Michael Gardiner [B]

9246A Schoenberg/Wittgenstein - Kevin Mooney [C]

9329B Teasing the dainty rods of vision: Imaginary/Imagination/Semblance - Allan Pero [A]

9422Y Translating Theory - Jan Plug [C]

9460B The Arts and Politics of the Situationist International (1957-1972) - Ed Matthews [A]

9614Y Idealism and the Margins of Philosophy: (Inter)Disciplinarity in Kant, Hegel, Schelling - Tilottama Rajan [A]

9655A Theorizing Environmental Subjectivity - David Janzen [C] 



9153B The Avant-gardes as Anti-Culture: A History of “Radicalism” and “Excess” - Cristina Ionica [A]

9201B Cyberwar Theory - Nick Dyer Witheford [B]

9204A Immaterial - Mary Helen McMurran [B]

9327A Techniques of the Body in Greece, Rome, and the Modern Era - Charles Stocking [B]

9423A The Performance of Race - Nigel Joseph [C]

9449B Postwork Imaginaries - Michael Gardiner [B]

9501A Writing Aloud: Theories of Sound and Silence - Christof Migone [A]

9538B Critical Phenomenology - Helen Fielding [C]

9579B Why (and how) are things similar?: Analogy, Example, Metaphor, Taxonomy - Laurence de Looze [A]

9640B Existential Risk - Joshua Schuster [A]

9656A Social Theory in the Age of Austerity - Matt Stahl [B]



9152A From Dada to Dank Memes: Revolt, Revulsion, and Discontent - Andrew Wenaus [C]

9210B Hantology, or Reading Byung-Chul Han - Julian Jason Haladyn [B]

9228B Keywords for the 21st Century - Regna Darnell [B]

9245A Zones of Entanglement: Philosophy, the Life Sciences and Medicine 1785-2012 - Tilottama Rajan [A]

9328A Reconciliation and its Discontents: Theory, Art, Critique - Pauline Wakeham [A]

9347B French Enlightenment Thought and the Rise of Materialism - Ed Matthews [A]

9436A The Subject of the Object - Peter Schwenger [C]

9449B Post-work Imaginaries - Michael Gardiner [B]

9500A Mimesis in Modernity - John Vanderheide [A]

9559B Under Elding Towers, Among Dimming Stars: The Spaces and Politics of Modernity - Allan Pero [A]



9205A A Design for Life: Aesthetico-Politics in Semio-Capitalism - Aarnoud Rommens [A]

9424B Marx from Beginning to End: The 1844 Manuscripts Today - Nick Dyer Witheford [B]

9432B Contemporary theories of Fascism and Counter-Fascism - Mireya Folch Serra [B]

9440A Of the Mycelium and its Gravity: Late Lacan, Sexuation, Sinthome, and the Baroque - Allan Pero [C]

9458B Critical Race and Feminist Studies - Erica Lawson [C]

9503A Political Responses to Crisis and Collapse: Hannah Arendt, Edith Stein, Rosa Luxemburg, and Simone Weil - Antonio Calcagno [B]

9565B Imagining Community - Jan Plug [A]

9617A Indigenous Critical Theory: Key Concepts and Debates - Pauline Wakeham [B]

9637A Questioning Aesthetics - Julian J. Haladyn [A]

9640B Existential Risk - Joshua Schuster [A]

9538B Feminist Phenomenology - Helen Fielding [C]


9539A Derrida - Jan Plug [C]

9578B Utopia - Michael Gardiner [B]

9586A Queer and Transgender Studies - Wayne Martino [C]

9636A The Aesthetic Idea - John Vanderheide [A]

9642A Information Overload, Stress Culture, and the Contemplative Turn - Ajit Pyati [C]

9643B The Politics of Agonism, From Agamemnon to Agamben - Charles Stocking [B]

9651B Words and Things - Kevin Mooney [C]

9652A Philosophy and Theory from the Late 18th Century to the Late 20th Century - Tilottama Rajan [A]

9653B Queer Temporalities - Christine Roulston [C]

9654A Envisioning and Creating Resistant Ways of Being: The New Wave of Italian Theory - Antonio Calcagno [C]