Here you will find links to a variety of helpful resources.


Academic Resources

Materials related to professional associations, academic conferences and calls for papers, external fellowships and scholarships, academic journals of special interest to students in Theory & Criticism, tips on writing proposals for conference papers and submitting articles to journals, online archives, dictionaries and encyclopedias, and writing and citation guides. Learn More


Career Resources

Information related to preparing an academic c.v. and cover letter, setting up a career dossier, search engines for academic positions, and summer programs. Learn More



Information on internal funding provided by our program and or Western, external scholarships, fellowships and grants, and support for conference travel. Learn More



Download forms for registering in or auditing a course outside the Theory Centre, the Supervisor Approval forms for doctoral and MA theses and dissertations, and the Certificate of Examination. Learn More



Archives of audio and audio visual recordings from past speakers and conference presentations at the Centre. Learn More


Health & Wellness

As part of a successful graduate student experience at Western, we encourage students to make their health and wellness a priority. Western provides several on campus health-related services to help you achieve optimum health and engage in healthy living while pursuing your graduate degree.  For example, to support physical activity, all students, as part of their registration, receive membership in Western’s Campus Recreation Centre. Numerous cultural events are offered throughout the year. Please check out the Faculty of Music web page, and our own McIntosh Gallery  Information regarding health- and wellness-related services available to students may be found at

Students seeking help regarding mental health concerns are advised to speak to someone they feel comfortable confiding in, such as their faculty supervisor, their program director (graduate chair), or other relevant administrators in their unit.  Campus mental health resources may be found at

To help you learn more about mental health, Western has developed an interactive mental health learning module, found here:  This module is 30 minutes in length and provides participants with a basic understanding of mental health issues and of available campus and community resources.  Topics include stress, anxiety, depression, suicide and eating disorders. After successful completion of the module, participants receive a certificate confirming their participation.