Upcoming Courses

Courses at the Centre are taught by both Core and Non-core faculty at Western, as well as emeritus faculty and visiting lecturers.  

More information about course requirements can be found here.

*2024 - 2025 Course Offerings*

Fall 2024 Playing at the Absolute: On Games, Thought, Politics, and Time M. Curtis Allen
Fall 2024 Earth Aesthetics in the Information Age Russell Duvernoy
Fall 2024 Machiavelli and Us Julian J. Haladyn
Fall 2024 Cybernetics, Complexity, Chaos and Critical Theory Nick Witheford
Winter 2025 Agamben’s Philosophical Archeology: An Historiographical Research Method Ed Matthews
Winter 2025 Theories, Practices, and Politics of Sound and Silence Christof Migone
Winter 2025 What Is Philosophy? Philosophy and Theory from the Late Eighteenth- to Twentieth Century Tilottama Rajan
Winter 2025 Ways of Seeing, Ways of Listening Sharon Sliwinski
Winter 2025 Capital & Ressentiment: Intersections of Marx and Nietzsche Matt Stahl
Winter 2025 Deleuze and Psychoanalysis John Vanderheide