Master Poster Day and Report Information

Master of Science Poster Day is designed to celebrate and showcase the work done by the MSc Student in a mini conference fashion. It is usually scheduled in late July or early August. Students will be notified in advance whether they will be required to give a short oral presentation, and/or to present a poster of their projects. The celebration may include a guest speaker. 

Due to COVID-19 the Masters Poster Day will happen via Zoom

MSc Poster Day is a requirement of the project-based master program for graduation. 

Important Dates Summer 2021:

  • July 13 – Deadline to submit your project title, abstract (one paragraph) and poster to your supervisor for proof reading and approval
  • July XX - Due to COVID-19, there will not be an opportunity to print your poster this year 
  • July 22 – Supervisor's deadline to submit proofread and approved electronic project Title, Abstract and Poster to the Academic Program Coordinator (, in order to create the program for the event
  • July 27 - All posters will be uploaded to the DSAS website for viewing
  • July 29– MSc Poster Day
  • August 13 – Deadline to submit an electronic copy of your approved and completed report to the Academic Program Coordinator ( This is mandatory to all project-based MSc students.

Master's Day Poster Booklets 

Poster Templates:

pdf icon Poster Tips - pdf (96 KB)

Poster Design Information can be found on this webpage.

Report Files:

Project Report Template LaTex (zip file)

Graduate Affairs Committee (GAC) 2020-21

  • Marcos Escobar-Anel (Graduate Chair)
  • Simon Bonner 
  • Wenqing He 
  • Ricardas Zitikis
  • Xiaoming Liu (Graduate Counselling)
  • Miranda Fullerton (Graduate Program Coordinator)