3+1+1 Program

This program consists of 3 years of Undergraduate studies at one of the following Universities in China; Shandong University, South China University of Technology, Southwestern University of Finance & Economics OR Sichuan Univeristy. The first 1 represents completing the 4th year of Undergraduate at Western University and the second 1 represents the Masters degree at Western University.

Recruitment Visit to China

Dr. Wenqing He, from The Department of Statistical & Actuarial Sciences at Western University will be giving information sessions about the 3+1+1 Program at Western University at the following locations on the date(s) listed.

2018 Dates:

  • April 10-11 - Shandong University
  • April 11-13 - South China University of Technology
  • April 16-17 - Southwestern University of Finance & Economics
  • April 18-19 - Sichuan University

Register Online between April 10 & April 19

Processing Fee: CAD $200.00
(includes Interview-$100.00 and Graduate School Application Fee-$100.00)

Payment: Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa)
(If the credit card is not approved, you are not guaranteed an Interview with Dr. He)

Register online after the Information Session. The interview will take place once you have registered and paid the fee.

Program Information



Programs Available to Apply to:

  • Master of Science - Statistics 3+1+1
  • Master of Science - Actuarial Sciences 3+1+1
  • Master of Science - Financial Modelling 3+1+1
  • Master of Science - Biostatistics 3+1+1

Contact Information

Email: stats311@uwo.ca