3+1+1 Program

This program consists of 3 years of Undergraduate studies at one of the following Universities in China:

  1. Shandong University
  2. South China University of Technology
  3. Southwestern University of Finance & Economics
  4. Yunnan University

3+1+1  - The first 1 represents completing the 4th year of Undergraduate at Western University and the second 1 represents the Masters degree at Western University.


Recruitment Visit to China

Dr. Wenqing He, from The Department of Statistical & Actuarial Sciences at Western University will be giving information sessions about the 3+1+1 Program at Western University at the following locations on the date(s) listed.

2023 Dates:

  • Program introductions and interviews will be conducted virtually online

Virtual Introduction Seminar on April 8

Register Online between April 10 - May 7, 2023 


  1. Complete SGPS Application (form 1) for Graduate Studies in 2024 - pay the application fee directly to SGPS ($125)

    1. See list of programs available below

  2. Complete DSAS Application (form 2) - send completed form to stats311@uwo.ca

  3. Provide proof of application fee payment to stats311@uwo.ca to have an interview scheduled

  4. Email Subject Line: 311 Application - Last Name, First Name 

SGPS Application (Form 1)

DSAS Application (Form 2)


Payment: Please contact gradapps@uwo.ca for fee payment information

3+1+1 Programs:

  • Master of Science - Statistics 3+1+1
  • Master of Science - Actuarial Sciences 3+1+1
  • Master of Science - Financial Modelling 3+1+1

Contact Information

Dr. Wenqing He