Safety Data Sheets

A safety data sheet (SDS) must be available for each hazardous material found in the lab. This page contains links to SDSs for chemical and biological agents.

SDS for chemicals (available to Western Users only)

ChemWatch GoldFFX

The Western community now has access to a new database of safety data sheets.  ChemWatch GoldFFX is an international provider of SDSs and related chemical information with a library in excess of 30 million vendor SDSs that is continually updated.

To help navigate the system please see either our detailed instructions or our quick search instructions.

SDS for pathogens

Public Health Agency of Canada

Pathogen Safety Data Sheets maintained by the Pathogen Regulation Directorate, Public Health Agency of Canada.

Other SDS resources

Western Libraries

At Western Libraries there are several searchable databases with information on chemicals. While they are not strictly SDS, they are a source of valuable information.

Chemical Inventory

The current chemical inventory is a module of WorkSafe at Western.

Sigma Aldrich

Requires registration.

VWR Scientific

Does not require you to sign in or register.

Fisher Scientific Canada

No registration required to access the site.

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