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Protective Equipment

Glove Selection

The Glove Selection document contains important information about glove selection and use.

Eye Protection

This page describes the process for obtaining protective eyewear on campus. There is also a link to the University's Eye Protection Program.

How to get Eye Protection?

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) provides standard safety glasses and splash goggles to all employees who are exposed to eye hazards as part of their job.These can be obtained by going to the Support Services Building, Room 4159. You can obtain both safety glasses and splash goggles if your job requires it.

Regular employees and graduate students are eligible for prescription safety glasses if they work in an eye hazard area. The form to get them along with a list of participating opticians can be obtained from OHS (SSB 4159). You will need to provide your staff or student card to get the form.

Students requiring eye protection will find a variety of safety glasses for sale in the Bookstore.

View the full eye protection program.

Respiratory Protective Equipment

This describes where you can obtain respirators for use on campus with a link to the University's Respiratory Protective Equipment Program.

Occupational Health and Safety supplies respirators to the campus community at cost. We carry half face respirators and disposable particulate respirators in stock. Additional types of respirators (full face, PAPR, supplied air, etc.) will be sourced for the user as required. Personnel on campus requiring respiratory protection are asked to complete the pertinent sections of the Western Respirator Record and Western Respirator User forms along with their supervisor. Bring the completed forms to your respirator fitting session. Respirator fittings are by appointment only. Please email to arrange an appointment for a personalized respirator selection and fitting by one of our qualified staff. Proper fittings are required for all respirator use.

For further information refer to:

Respiratory Protective Equipment Program

Foot Protection

The "Safety Footwear Guidelines" document is a useful tool to help supervisors determine if their faculty, staff and students are required to wear foot protection. Please refer to your collective agreement and/or policies for allowance limits.


The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health provides a wealth of information on a wide variety of health and safety topics with a focus on occupational hygiene.