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Radiation Detection and Measurement Principles



Ionizing radiation cannot be seen or sensed by the body in any other way. Therefore, nuclear instruments have been used to detect and measure various types of radiation.

Dose rate (milisievert per hour) GM detector Dose rate GM Detector

Radioactivity contamination GM detectorRadioactivity contamination (count per minute) GM detector

Radioactivity contamination scintillation detector Radioactivity contamination scintillation detector


A personal dosimeter, for example the TLD (thermoluminescent dosimeter) badge, measures beta, gamma/x-ray and/or neutron radiation with the highest efficiency (100% grade lithium fluoride). After use, the lithium fluoride elements are heated causing them to luminesce in proportion to the amount radiation exposure.

Radiation Safety Awareness Precautions

Radiation Warning Signs and Labels

Radioactive Material Sign Radiation Warning Sign Radiation Area Sign


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