If your research involves the use of nanomaterials, a Nanotechnology Registry Form needs to be completed and submitted to Occupational Health and Safety (SSB 4159 - Attn: Anne Marie McCusker).  The hazards associated with nanomaterials are largely unknown, therefore the purpose of the form is to identify people that are using nanotechnology so that we can start assessing risk.

This registry form is aimed at collecting information about engineered nanoparticles - e.g. carbon nanotubes, quantum dots, nano scaled metal oxides, metals and powders. Here is a brief description from NIOSH

  • Research and technology development involving structures with at least one dimension in the range of 1 to100 nanometers (nm), frequently with atomic/molecular precision
  • Creating and using structures, devices, and systems that have unique properties and functions because of their nanometer-scale dimensions
  • The ability to control or manipulate on the atomic scale

The following links contain useful health and safety information that will assist you in the safe handling of nanomaterials.

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