Workplace inspections are required under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. There are two distinct types of inspection:

  1. Annual inspections of the entire University by the Joint Health & Safety Committee.
  2. Monthly inspections by every Supervisor of their specific area.

Annual Inspections by JOHSC

The Western Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) will inspect all workplace areas on campus annually (see Western Internal Inspection Program). The inspection team is led by an employee representative of the JOHSC along with a representative from Western Occupational Health and Safety. Representatives from the area being inspected are requested to join the team on their inspection.

The JOHSC has prepared a JOHSC Workplace Inspection Checklist that is available to help you to ensure that your workplace remains safe at all times.

Monthly Supervisors Inspection

Supervisors, please read the Supervisor/Management Health & Safety Inspection Guidelines, prepared by OHS, for all the information you need to perform workplace inspections.

The following templates, prepared by OHS, are available to assist you:

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