Disinfection - Bleach Solution

A bleach solution of 0.5% is very effective at disinfecting COVID-19 and for general disinfection use. Making a bleach solution is simple and inexpensive:

  1. To make a 0.5% bleach solution mix 100ml of household bleach (normally this is 5.25% bleach) with 900ml of water.
  2. Bleach solutions do not store well and must be made daily and disposed of after work ends.
  3. Using a disposable cloth, soak it in the solution until thoroughly wet
  4. Wring out the cloth so that it is not dripping wet
  5. Wipe down surfaces to be disinfected and leave to air dry
  6. When cloth no longer leaves surfaces wet or it becomes visibly soiled discard the cloth in the garbage – do not dip the cloth into the bleach solution
  7. Obtain a new disposable cloth and repeat steps 3 to 7 as necessary until done.

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