Building Managers

Clinical Skills Building

Each building caretaking team is overseen by a caretaking manager. In many cases, managers are responsible for more than one building and several caretaking teams of various sizes.

The variety of ongoing activities at Western creates unique environments for these teams to clean and maintain. Labs and research facilities must be maintained to legislated standards and meet all specifications for the work being conducted. The caretaking teams maintain the level of service designated by the University.

Should you require work in your area, please call Client Services.

Residence Managers

Joanne Smith

  • Ontario Hall
  • Perth Hall
  • Platt's Lane Estates Inc.

Bregette Hill-Smith

  • Ausable Hall
  • Bayfield Hall
  • Beaver Hall
  • Lambton Hall
  • Saugeen-Maitland Hall

Dorota Cuprjak

  • Alumni House
  • Elgin Hall
  • Medway Hall
  • Sydenham Hall

Kirsten Roy

  • Delaware Hall
  • Essex Hall
  • London Hall

Main Campus Managers

"North Zone" Managers

Mirela Djukic

Rob Laforge

Reina Rezaie

"North Zone" Buildings

  • Advanced Facility For Avian Research
  • Biological & Geological Sciences Building
  • Biotron Building
  • Chemistry Building
  • Clinical Skills Building
  • Collip Building
  • Dental Sciences Building
  • Elginfield Astronomical Observatory
  • Environmental Sciences Western
  • Graphic Services Building
  • Health Sciences Addition
  • John Labatt Visual Arts Centre
  • Kresge Building
  • Material Science Addition
  • McIntosh Gallery
  • Medical Sciences Building
  • Molecular Biology Building
  • Natural Sciences Centre
  • Siebens-Drake Research Institute
  • Social Science Centre
  • Support Services Building
  • The Allyn and Betty Taylor Library
  • University Community Centre
  • West Valley Building
  • Western Centre for Public Health & Family Medicine
  • Western Interdisciplinary Research Building
  • Western Science Centre
  • Western Student Services Building
  • Westminster Hall

"South Zone" Managers

Brett Butchart

Deanna Buschelle-Fairbanks

Zorina Stepancev

"South Zone" Buildings

  • 3M Centre
  • Althouse College
  • Alumni Hall
  • Arthur and Sonia Labatt Health Sciences Building
  • Arts and Humanities Building
  • Bio-Engineering Building
  • Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel
  • Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Pavilion
  • Collider Building
  • Cronyn Observatory
  • D.B. Weldon Library
  • Elborn College
  • Engineering Addition (Classrooms)
  • Engineering Sciences
  • Fraunhofer Project Centre
  • International & Graduate Affairs Building
  • Law Building
  • Lawson Hall
  • Middlesex College
  • Music Building
  • North Campus Building
  • Physics & Astronomy
  • Richard Ivey School of Business Building
  • Somerville House
  • Spencer Engineering Building
  • Staging Building
  • Stevenson Hall
  • Talbot College
  • Thames Hall
  • Thompson Engineering Building
  • University College
  • Western Student Recreation Centre
  • Wind Engineering, Energy & Environment (WINDEEE) Research Institute

Building Manager at Large

Garrett Goulin