Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I make a special cleaning request/special request for removal of material?

A: Cleaning request/removal of material or any work that is beyond the scope of the caretaking cleaning frequency in your area can be requested through Work Control (Facilities Management) and is considered a billable service. Large quantities of boxes etc. should be removed by the supplier and may be a billable service for our caretakers.

Q: Who is responsible for cleaning department appliances?

A: Department appliances such as fridges, microwaves, and even items like dishes are maintained and cleaned by the owners. Caretakers routinely clean kitchenettes and lunch areas and can be commissioned to provide more service to these areas upon request.

Q: How should I recycle large cardboard boxes?

A: Cardboard boxes should be broken down (similar to the curbside collection at home) by the customer so they lay flat next to or behind designated recycling centres. This keeps the recycling areas tidy and reduces the space some large boxes can take up. Large quantities of boxes and discarded packaging should be removed by the supplier and may be a billable service for our caretakers.

Q: Do you separate waste from recycling bins?

A: Contaminated recycling bins will typically be added to the waste stream. We believe in the recycling program and want it to succeed. Unfortunately separating recyclables/waste is not possible within our current service model.

Q: How often does office recycling and waste collection occur?

A: Office recycling and waste collection usually occurs every other week depending on the scheduled cleaning frequency. Customers are asked to empty their overfilled bins into the closest recycling centre.

Q: How do we go about moving/clearing out office furniture?

A: Please contact Client Services (ext. 83304) ahead of time and large-sized waste and recycling receptacles can be delivered. The smaller office bins are not designed to hold much and this will make your move easier.

Q: Where should we have furniture delivered/dropped off?

A: Dropping off furniture or any large items to your building's loading docks/bays can be accommodated through Client Services (ext. 83304). In keeping the loading areas safe and clean, caretakers (and the Grounds crew - to remove off-site) can be employed to assist your drop-off at a reasonable rate.

Q: When should I file a request for repairs and/or maintenance?

A: Reporting of facilities and services that need repairs or general maintenance is an effective way to help our staff keep the campus safe and clean. On a campus with a growing population and facilities similar to a small city, it is a challenge to be aware of all maintenance requirements. We rely heavily on the friendly contact from our customers to identify things such as spent light bulbs, empty soap dispensers, and hand sanitizers, etc. Please fill out a Work Request Order as needed.