Service Levels

General Caretaking Services and Glossary

There are duties that we must continue to carry out because of government regulations and legislation, for example:

  • swimming pool maintenance
  • checks on eyewash stations
  • checks on fire extinguishers, annunciator panels, exit lights, fire hose, cabinets, sprinkler system control valves

Most of our staff operate under a self-managed cleaning schedule. This means that the frequencies noted above can vary. If our staff identify an area requiring greater attention and a higher frequency of cleaning, they will make that adjustment. Conversely, if an area has less traffic and/or needs less frequent cleaning, they may reduce the frequency.

Complete Clean

This means dust mopping/vacuuming the floor, removing the waste and recyclable material, and dusting open horizontal spaces such as desktops or shelves. Where applicable, the chalkboards are cleaned and the brushes are cleaned/replaced.

Partial Clean

This means removing waste and recyclable material. Any large spills will be removed from the floor. Large pieces of garbage will be removed from desks, benchtops, and floors. Chalkboard rails are cleaned and the brushes are cleaned/replaced.


This means restocking supplies (for example, soap, toilet tissue, paper towels, etc.).

Winter Operations

Caretakers do not support outdoor winter operations. For more information or to report slippery and inaccessible outdoor spaces, please contact your department's Administrative Officer or our Client Services team, ext. 83304.

Odd Jobs (i.e., Moving Furniture and Boxes)

Depending on the items to be moved and/or work to be done, our team will complete odd jobs at a cost to the requesting department.

Abandoned Furniture Removal

Abandoned furnishings are a safety hazard and may impede egress in the event of an emergency. If our staff see furniture abandoned in corridors or stairways, they will determine the originator, arrange for its removal and charge the department for the costs involved. Please contact Client Services, ext. 83304, for proper disposal of furniture.

Summer Camps

Many of our facilities are used by off-campus groups in the summer. As this is an additional expense beyond our normal operations, there should be a component to recover. We will pursue the amalgamation of classrooms to moderate the impact. Where we are not currently receiving reimbursement, we will seek funding from the appropriate department or group.