Summer Construction

Thank you for your patience throughout our summer construction period. We understand that infrastructure projects may interrupt your daily commute and occasionally result in temporary delays. Our hope is that the short-term inconvenience is outweighed by the improved services on campus. Thank you for supporting us through another season.

Thank you,
Your friends at Facilities Management


Upcoming Service Interruptions (Summer 2021)

Temporary interruptions to service as a result of the projects below are added to this list. Major interruptions will be tweeted (@westernufm) or distributed through Western Communications' media channels.

Project/Location Interruption Est. Duration

List of Construction Projects - Infrastructure Enhancements (Summer 2021)

Following approval, many projects can take a few weeks to line up for contracting.  Timelines will be fluid as poor weather, deliveries and unforeseen factors impact construction. 

Project Timeline Features
Collip Building Roof Repair TBA TBA
Faculty of Education Roof Repair TBA TBA
Huron Drive Street Lighting replacement TBA TBA
Lambton Drive (part) Asphalt replacement. TBA TBA
Middlesex Drive (Part) Asphalt replacement May / June 2021 TBA
Perth Drive Asphalt (Part) replacement May / June 2021. TBA
South Valley Parking Lot (SW part) asphalt replacement TBA
Various small areas of the roadway will be patched, repaired, and resurfaced as a measure of standard maintenance TBA TBA
Talbot College (part) Asphalt replacement TBA TBA

List of Construction Projects - Major Capital Construction (Summer 2021)

This is not a complete list of capital projects. The following projects are large-scale endeavors and/or projects that may interrupt services and commuter flow through campus.

Project Timeline Features
Biomedical Research Facility Ongoing - Completion 2022 A new facility for the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry.
Entrepreneurship & Innovation Centre Summer 2021 - 2022
Indigenous Learning Centre Summer 2021 Construction is expected to begin in summer 2021 of a renovation to the former library space in Althouse Colleg
Kent North Summer 2021 A renovation to the asphalt corridor running between Middlesex Drive and Oxford Drive.
Labatt Health Sciences Addition Summer 2021 - Late 2021 Additional space added to the Labatt Health Sciences Building.
Sommerville House Renovations Spring 2021 - Late 2021 A new common space will be added near the North entrance.
TD Waterhouse Stadium Renovation Spring 2021 - Late 2021 Turf and Track Replacement
Thames Hall Renovation Ongoing - Late 2021 A major renovation to Thames Hall.