Western Research Chairs

Part of Western's Clusters of Research Excellence Program, the Western Research Chairs Program is designed to enhance collaborative and interdisciplinary research and produce research results with global implications. The Faculty of Health Sciences is home to two Western Research Chairs.

Cognitive Neuroscience

Ingrid Johnsrude, PhD (School of Communication Sciences and Disorders)

ingrid johsrude

A part of Western's Brain and Mind Institute, Ingrid Johnsrude and her research team are employing methods such as brain imaging and recording electrical brain activity to investigate the neural basis of speech understanding, how people understand speech in challenging listening situations, diagnosing and treating hearing problems, and brain disease in the aging and elderly. 

Musculoskeletal Exercise, Mobility and Health

Michele Crites Battié, PhD (School of Physical Therapy)

Michele Crites Battie

Through her affiliations with Western's Bone and Joint Institute, Michelle Crites Battié is investigating common spine disorders, in particular lumbar spinal stenosis and low back pain. Her work seeks to understand the underlying pathology of these conditions and develop a consensus on causes, diagnoses and treatments.