Stakeholder Outcomes


Meaningful Impact

The stakeholder outcomes pillar is the heart of our strategic plan. Collectively, the outcomes answer the question “What do we want to achieve for the people we serve and support?”

Our three key stakeholder groups are: Students, Patients and Partners

Students: Inclusive Experience - Successful Students

  • Students experience belonging, community, and success in accessible and equitable learning environments
  • Students acquire knowledge and skills to be lifelong adaptable learners within a dynamic healthcare landscape
  • Students are enabled to incorporate creative solutions to improve accessibility and enhance physical therapy care
  • Students become future leaders of physical therapy research and practice

Patients: Personalized Care - Enabled Participation

  • Patients and the public recognize physical therapy as the healthcare profession of choice for mobility needs and optimization
  • Patients achieve enhanced physical therapy outcomes to accomplish their mobility and participation goals
  • Patients experience person-centred, evidence-informed physical therapy care
  • Patients and public engage with Western SPT to support meaningful research and education

Partners: Engaged Partners - Creative Outcomes

  • Partners actively engage with Western SPT through a framework of collaboration and mutually beneficial relationships
  • Multidisciplinary partners drive innovation in advancing physical therapy research, practice and education
  • Partners engage in physical therapy knowledge exchange and mobilization through clinically relevant research, scholarship and education

2021-2026 Strategic Plan

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Strategy Map

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