Neurorehabilitation research focuses on improving mobility, function and abilities to engage in important life roles for people with neurological diseases and injuries, such as stroke, dementia, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy and acquired brain injury.

The Physical Therapy Neurorehabilitation Research working group is a collaborative group of faculty that meet regularly for discussions on works in progress, emerging areas of inquiry, interventions to remediate deficits due to disease or injury and knowledge translation activities to enhance the quality and impact of Physical Therapy Neurorehabilitation Research.

Olajumoke Akintomide, MSc Candidate

Area of Research: Understanding Key Elements of Interprofessional Placement Training Opportunities for Emerging Healthcare Providers
Supervisor: Laura Brunton

Tony Adebero, PhD Candidate

Area of Research: Fall prevention in older adults after total hip joint arthroplasty 
Supervisor:  Susan Hunter

Marquise Bonn, MPT/PhD (candidate)

Area of Research: Interdisciplinary rehabilitation for persistent post-concussion symptoms
Supervisors: Laura Graham, Jim Dickey

Mackenzie Cheng, MSc Candidate

Area of Research: Effectiveness of The Applied Coaching Model on Adherence to Home Exercise Programs for Children with Developmental Delays: A Mixed Methods Research Study
Supervisor: Laura Brunton

Cathy George, PhD Candidate

Area of Research: The importance of upper extremity function in a set of multi-dimensional risk factors for falls post-stroke and differences between older hospital-based and younger community-dwelling stroke survivors
Supervisors: Janelle Unger, Joy MacDermid

Dinesh Ghatamaneni, PhD Candidate

Area of Research: Fatigue Experienced by Indian Children with Cerebral Palsy: Culturally Appropriate Measurement, Normative Data and Differences from Typically Developing Children
Supervisor: Unlisted

Lauren Kane, MSc Candidate

Area of Research: Conceptualizing the lived experiences of pain and fatigue in persons living with neurological conditions
Supervisor: Laura Brunton

Sarthak Kohli, MSc Candidate

Area of Research: Change in Cortical Activation and Fatigue following Functional Electrical Stimulation Intervention in Patients with Acute Stroke
Supervisors: Laura Brunton and Sue Peters

Siying Luan

Area of Research: Cortical activation in bilateral prefrontal cortex during sensorimotor tasks in patients with stroke
Supervisor: Sue Peters

Ed Madou, PhD Candidate

Area of Research: Motor imagery in gait rehabilitation for adults with lower extremity amputations
Supervisor: Susan Hunter

Kristin Nugent, PhD Candidate

Area of Research: Understanding Concern for Falling in People with Lower Extremity Amputations
Supervisors: Susan Hunter, Janelle Unger

Humberto Omana, PhD Candidate

Area of Research: Cognitive-motor interface effects in gait in people with lower extremity amputations 
Supervisor: Susan Hunter

Karen Pratt, PhD Candidate

Area of Research: Peer Support Programming for Adults with Childhood-onset Disabilities
Supervisor: Laura Brunton

Ashvene Sureshkumar, MSc Candidate

Area of Research: Rehabilitation outcomes following major lower limb amputation in the oldest old 
Supervisor: Susan Hunter

Daniela Testani, MSc (graduated)

Area of Research: Impacts of Pain, Fatigue and Sleep on Mental Health of Children and Youth with Cerebral Palsy
Supervisor: Laura Brunton

Christina Winger, MSc Candidate

Area of Research: Health Concerns of Young People and Adults with Cerebral Palsy 
Supervisor: Laura Brunton