Educational Research


Educational research creates evidence to inform educational practice and directly impacts students’ experiences and outcomes.

Our community of diverse educational researchers conduct innovative applied research to investigate critical questions for physiotherapy education. We design and implement teaching and learning research projects that employ a range of methodologies to ensure evidence driven professional and postgraduate physiotherapy curricula. We recognize the importance of the complexity of inter-relationships between teaching and learning through the continuum of educational opportunity.

Katie Kowalski

Area of Research: Clinical reasoning and decision-making in spinal pain
Supervisor: Alison Rushton

Jessa Bear, PhD Candidate

Area of Research: Beading a Map of Indigenous Cultural safety
Supervisor: Dianne Bryant

Daniel Briatico, PhD Candidate

Area of Research: Development of a peri-operative educational tool to assist parents in care-giving for a child after feeding tube surgery
Supervisor: Joy MacDermid

Morgan Jennings, MPT/PhD Candidate

Area of Research: Online delivery of clinical placements for physiotherapist trainees –preceptor and student experiences related to delivery and assessment
Supervisor: Dianne Bryant

MacLean Jordan, MSc Candidate

Area of Research: Qualitative exploration of barriers to implementing patient-centred care in physiotherapy practice
Supervisor: Dave Walton

Grace Pramono, MSc Candidate

Area of Research: Workplace Psychosocial Conditions
Supervisor: Dianne Bryant

Erfan Shafiee, PhD Candidate

Area of Research: Developing treatment decision aids for patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome based on the Ottawa Decision Support Framework
Supervisor: Joy MacDermid