Administration & Staff

To contact a member of the School of Physical Therapy, please refer to the administration listing (below) or the directory of faculty members .

Administration and Staff

Alison Rushton

Alison Rushton

Director and Professor
  Elborn College - Room 1008A
  519-661-2111 x82800   
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Donna Beer

Donna Beer

Graduate Affairs Assistant
  519-661-2111 x88842
  Elborn College - Room 1011B


Nancy Caley

Administrative Assistant
  519-661-2111 x88840  
  Elborn College - Room 1008

Nasreen Elhassan

Nassren Elhassan

Office Assistant
  519-661-2111 x82124
  Elborn College - Room 1011

Janet Harman

Janet Harman

Graduate Affairs Assistant
  Elborn College - Room 1000B

Jessica Starowicz

Jessica Starowicz

Academic Program Coordinator
  519-661-2111 x85195
  Elborn College - Room 1000A

Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor

Office Assistant
  519-661-2111 x87972   


Emily Walker

Manager, Operations & Finance
  519 661-3227 x86789  
  Rm. 1006, Elborn College

Program Inquiries

Master of Physical Therapy

For inquiries related to the Master of Physical Therapy program, visit our Connect With Us page.

Advanced Health Care Practice

For inquiries about the Advanced Health Care Practice program, contact or call 519-661-2111 x88843.

Health and Rehabilitations Sciences (Physical Therapy Field)

For inquiries about the Physical Therapy field of the Health and Rehabilitation Sciences Graduate Program (MSc and PhD), please email or call 519-850-2240.