Operational Processes

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Organizational Excellence

To achieve our stakeholder outcomes, we identified strategies and processes in which we must excel. Each strategy of excellence and operational process is sequentially aligned with stakeholder outcomes to enable achievement.


We celebrate diversity and create belonging.

  • Build SPT community and engagement
  • Optimize student outreach, recruitment and tracking to build inclusive and diverse programs
  • Create equitable admissions processes
  • Increase numbers of international students
  • Enable greater financial accessibility to SPT programs

We provide experiential learning opportunities for lifelong success.

  • Reimagine Elborn to create a unique, multi-purpose and collaborative space
  • Provide research and educational opportunities in clinical and community settings that engage diverse teams
  • Create novel clinical placement experiences
  • Leverage technology and clinical experts to create and deliver experiential learning opportunities

We develop, evaluate and implement creative solutions in research, practice and education.

  • Build a new SPT research theme of educational research
  • Develop and evaluate creative, evidence-informed methods of teaching and learning
  • Ensure SPT programs are dynamic and innovative with robust quality review processes
  • Investigate and incorporate technology into research, practice and education
  • Upgrade, integrate and enhance support for technology across all spaces in Elborn

We develop researchers, clinicians and leaders of the future.

  • Ensure our graduates have transferable skills for success in a range of careers
  • Provide opportunity for our students and trainees to accelerate career enhancement and become leaders
  • Enhance leadership of and create specific training opportunities for the combined MPT/PhD program
  • Facilitate faculty development and excellence through enhanced onboarding, mentorship and professional development


We promote and advance the Physical Therapy profession.

  • Position and support SPT faculty, students and graduates in leadership and advisory roles that promote the value of the PT profession
  • Build the profile and role of PT within the provincial and national healthcare landscape
  • Educate and advocate for the PT profession
  • Build capacity and advocate for advanced practice roles within the PT profession

We lead in high-impact research to enhance patient outcomes.

  • Create an impact measurement plan to quantify the scholarly, clinical and societal impact of SPT research(ers)
  • Increase our research metrics to illustrate SPT’s position among the top research-intensive programs
  • Clearly communicate SPT research themes and evidence of impact
  • Develop SPT led research teams and centres
  • Develop capacity and best practices in implementation and use of clinical databases
  • Enable grant success for our students, trainees and faculty

We enhance physical therapy care and advance practice.

  • SPT faculty contribute to clinical practice guidelines and professional standards to inform best practice and policy decisions
  • Develop clinically focused post-professional program opportunities
  • Create credentialling opportunities
  • Increase research and education outreach to distant learners
  • Develop well-rounded students, strong in critical appraisal, clinical reasoning and patient-centred care

We engage patients and the public in our research and education.

  • Co-create and evaluate a patient and public engagement plan for SPT education and research
  • Develop and expand patient involvement in our educational activities and multidisciplinary research teams
  • Demonstrate patient or end-user engagement with SPT research


We cultivate partnerships and collaboration to advance our common goals.

  • Enhance communication and collaboration among SPT faculty members
  • Strengthen existing and establish new multidisciplinary partnerships across campus and beyond
  • Create a strategy to build community among SPT partners, develop and share knowledge and skills, and create opportunity
  • Enhance awareness of SPT research themes, the value of our collaboration and the important role we play in success of major university initiatives
  • Identify the needs and priorities of our partners to give back and support meaningful engagement

We partner to create clinically meaningful outcomes through research and education.

  • Develop clinically meaningful, high-impact research initiatives aligned with key research and patient care priorities
  • Establish productive and impactful multidisciplinary research that leads to joint grants, publications and knowledge mobilization
  • Partner with researchers and clinicians to enhance research capacity and integration of research into clinical practice
  • Position SPT in the world as a leader across the spectrum of PT research

We mobilize and implement knowledge, integrating research and clinical practice.

  • Increase communication and knowledge mobilization of research expertise to students, partners and clinicians
  • Develop lay communication strategies about SPT research
  • Create robust knowledge mobilization strategies in collaboration with our partners to effectively translate research into practice
  • Build knowledge mobilization capacity
  • Develop clinical academic position opportunities (e.g., clinician scientist and clinical educator)

2021-2026 Strategic Plan

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Strategy Map

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