Research in the School of Physical Therapy

Western’s School of Physical Therapy is a dynamic, interdisciplinary, inclusive and collaborative research intensive environment. We conduct original, significant and rigorous world-leading research to optimize mobility, enhancing health and well-being for all people.

We embrace new methodologies, methods and technology to seek novel solutions and to mobilize and implement knowledge in practice. Globally in 2019, over 2.4 billion people experience health conditions that would benefit through rehabilitation; a demand that has increased by 63% over the past 20 years. We create new knowledge to benefit people in London, Ontario and around the world, informing healthcare practice and policy for rehabilitation.

We work in partnership with our patient and community research partners to enable achievement of shared priorities and clinically meaningful outcomes. We train the research leaders of the future through high quality trainee experiences and celebrate their successes.

Our research is focused in four research themes that address priority areas for research.

Research Themes and Faculty Researchers

Outcome Measurement

Outcomes research focuses on production of quality evidence to optimize methods for evaluating effectiveness of physical therapy interventions.



Neurorehabilitation research focuses on improving mobility, function and abilities to engage in important life roles for people with neurological diseases and injuries, such as stroke, dementia, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy and acquired brain injury.


Educational Research

Educational research creates evidence to inform educational practice and directly impacts students’ experiences and outcomes.


Musculoskeletal Health

Research that engages people at risk of, or experiencing musculoskeletal problems.


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Researchers in Western's School of Physical Therapy are optimizing mobility and enhancing health and well-being for all people.


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