Organizational Capacity

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Organizational capacity drives excellence. This pillar answers the question “To achieve excellence, what capacity do we need in our culture, people, technology and infrastructure?”. This capacity supports all operational processes, strategies of excellence and stakeholder outcomes.

Passionate, Creative and Multi-Professional Team

We work and learn in safe spaces embedded in EDID best practices, that are free of discrimination and harassment.

We work in a supportive and engaged community, grounded in mutual respect and effective communication, with clear roles and responsibilities.

We recruit, support and retain outstanding team members to the School of Physical Therapy.

We are dynamic leaders in PT education and research who embrace innovation and are dedicated to excellence in high-impact practices.

We are equipped with digital technology resources for learning, teaching and research.

We work in flexible, engaging and functional spaces that support communication, collaboration and creativity.

2021-2026 Strategic Plan

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Strategy Map

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