Unlocking the Secrets of Porous Materials: : Insights Revealed via Recent Papers Published by Huang Lab

Picture1.jpg“Molecular-Level Characterization of Oxygen Local Environments in a Pristine and Post-Synthetically MOF via 17O NMR Spectroscopy”

Chemistry of Materials, Vol. 35 (9), P. 3555





Picture2.png“Cold, Hot, Dry, and Wet: Locations and Dynamics of CO2 and H2O Co-Adsorbed in an Ultramicroporous MOF”

Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 62 (28), P. 11152





Picture3.png“Overcoming Challenges in 67Zn NMR: a New Strategy of Signal Enhancement for MOF Characterization”

Chemical Communications, Vol. 59, P. 5205





Picture4.jpg“In Situ Multinuclear MAS NMR: Monitoring Crystallization of Molecular Sieve AlPO4-11 in Real Time”

JACS Au, Vol. 3 (6), P. 1670