Three Lipson-Baines Award Recipients Announced

We are pleased to announce the winners of this seasons Lipson-Baines award for the Chem 9657/8 seminar series.

For the 9657 (MSc) Seminars, we have a tie!

Tommaso Romagnoli (MSW) “A Solution to the PEG Dilemma: Efficient Bioconjugation of Large Gold Nanoparticles for Biodiagnostic Applications using Mixed Layers”


Tommy Gambles (ERG) “Stimuli Responsive Poly(phthalaldehyde)s and Their Applications in Tunable Core-Shell Microcapsules for Controlled Release”

For the 9658 seminar only a single winner!

Wilson Luo (MSW) “Small Flasks for Big Chemistry: Application of Self-Assembled Hosts in Synthesis”

Please join us in congratulating them on some outstanding lectures.

History of the Lipson-Baines Award

rob and kim

Former professor and Chair of the Department of Chemistry and an advocate, leader, and life-long supporter of Western University, Rob Lipson established the Lipson-Baines Award in Chemistry in 2014. The award will be given annually to two full-time Masters or Doctoral students in Chemistry who have achieved the highest marks in the Chemistry 9657/9658 “Seminar” course. Lipson established the award in appreciation of what he considers to be one of the finest Chemistry departments in Canada. The scholarship also honors his lasting friendship with Professor Kim M. Baines, and acknowledges the contributions she made as Chair from 2005-2014.

For more than a quarter of a century Lipson and Baines, through their respective research and management efforts, catalyzed growth, research productivity and training excellence in the Department of Chemistry. The Lipson-Baines Award will serve to further encourage excellence among Western Chemistry graduates and is an enduring reminder of the devotion of Western faculty to their students.