Upcoming Research Seminar


Seminar #5


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Jan. 2022
12:00 to 1:00 p.m.
Event recording will be available

Zoom Video Conferencing


Research Seminar via Zoom

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SFIC Certified? Take Note!

Live, online attendance at these lectures counts as a partial (i.e., one third) of a Continuing Education Credit (CEC) for SFIC recertification. To submit this event as a partial CEC please upload a copy of the initial Zoom confirmation of registration email to one of the CEC requirements on your progress report. Your attendance in the webinar will be confirmed by the CCAA in the Zoom attendance data. Remember, one CEC is granted for 3 hours of live or online learning. Therefore, this webinar must be combined with another 2 hours of learning to complete one CEC requirement for SFIC renewal. Learn more about uploading requirements to complete SFIC renewal on the FAQ page.

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