Student Experiences

SASAH students undertake experiential-learning (EL) opportunities in an impressive variety of fields. Their internships, community-engaged learning, and independent projects help them to develop their skills, sample careers, follow their talents and passions, and build their confidence. In many cases, their experiences have a significant, sometimes life-altering, impact on their plans for the future. 

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Gray Brogden

Gray Brogden performs her original poem “The Artist at Midnight” as Student Writer-in-Residence at the SASAH 10th Anniversary party, October 2023.

Amber Carroll

Amber Carroll conducts fieldwork at a recreational gym to explore the experiences of gender and sexuality minorities for her Undergraduate Summer Research Internship.

Lauren Cowell

Lauren Cowell works on her Undergraduate Summer Research Internship. Supervised by Dr. Julin McMullin, Lauren co-wrote a chapter on ageism for a sociology handbook.

Giselle D'Anna

Giselle D'Anna performs at the Storyhouse, where students "use creative storytelling to connect people with new knowledge they can put into action."

Grace Dilawri

Grace Dilawri addresses the attendees of the Halton Black History Awareness Society (HBHAS) Emancipation Exhibition, where she worked as a Curatorial Assistant.

Isabelle Fox

Isabelle Fox creates a key master key guide during her Fall 2023 internship with Youth Opportunities Unlimited.

Felix Gu

Felix Gu presents his story based on a scientific paper for his Storyhouse internship at Conron Hall in November 2023.

Isabella Isabage

Isabella Isabage at her desk in the Western International office, working on a dataset for her Peer Guide Program internship in the fall of 2023.

Kenzie Kilmer

Kenzie Kilmer performs at the Storyhouse Fall 2023 Finale, a showcase of Health Sciences research. For Kenzie, "Communication is empowering."

Ana Milojevic

Ana Milojevic adds company names to the wall of sponsers as part of her internship at London's Forest City Gallery in the fall of 2024.

Merdeka Miles

Merdeka Miles (left) celebrates the end of her summer NSERC project with her co-workers Owen Kapsis and Ethan Taylor and supervisor Dr. Erdemci-Tandogan.

Katya O'Donnell

Katya O’Donnell works remotely during her internship with the Toronto family law firm Beaton Burke Young LLP. Katya developed the internship on her own..

Maia Ross

Maia Ross (right) stands with fellow staff member at Camp Kadimah in Nova Scotia, where she worked as a counsellor and staff member in the summer of 2023.

Jadyn Smith

For her summer internship, Jadyn Smith works as an email marketing intern for The Retro Bag Canada based in London, Ontario.

Naomi So

Naomi So, her co-intern Courtney, and supervisor Didier announce the Stakeholders Workshop they hosted for the Probiotic Foods initiative at the University of Rwanda.

Anthony Tran

Anthony Tran meets with his co-intern, Sakina, to discuss their 2023 USRI supporting revitalization of Chaima, an endangered Indigenous language from Venezuela.

Cole Van Der Velden

Capturing content on behalf of Qode Media, Cole Van Der Velden visits Fortuna Silver’s new Séguéla Gold Mine in Côte d’Ivoire in July 2023.






































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Learning from Experience

SASAH’s 4th- and 5th-year students discuss and reflect on their internship or community-engaged learning experiences in front of an audience of peers, professors, staff, supervisors, and special guests. Please watch the video recording of our most recent Learning from Experience event. To view past events, click here.

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