What Is SASAH?

SASAH is a unique undergraduate liberal-arts program focused on interdisciplinarity. In this direct-entry program, students combine a top-quality program of courses from across the Arts & Humanities with a second major or specialization in the faculty of their choice (Arts & Humanities, Science, MIT, etc.), thus acquiring the breadth and depth essential to pursuing graduate studies and/or forging their career path.

This advanced program fosters academic innovation and promotes excellence and creativity as well as community engagement to produce ethical, knowledgeable citizens capable of meeting the challenges of an evolving world and assuming leadership roles. In this excellent academic environment, SASAH students develop an array of soft and hard skills that set them on a path to success—however they choose to define it.

Patrick As Director of SASAH, I can say without hesitation that working with this program is the most exciting and challenging opportunity I have had in my twenty-five years at Western. The excellence of SASAH's students and their passion for their education, and the chance to participate in evolving, forward-minded undergraduate studies in the Arts & Humanities make my job a treat. 

At SASAH, I have the unique opportunity to come to work to be continually challenged, surprised and delighted by the work we’re doing every day. - Professor Patrick Mahon, SASAH Director 

SASAH is about learning how to bring an infinite variety of ideas to the world in powerful ways. - Levi Hord, BA 2018, Rhodes Scholar

SASAH is a community of talented and ambitious individuals who challenge and motivate one another to expand their knowledge, develop their skills, and make a positive impact on the world. Our highly successful and rewarding program offers rigorous academic standards and opportunities for students to forge their own path through their undergraduate career and beyond. - Dr. Barbara Bruce, Experiential Learning Coordinator 

SASAH is an intellectual space which allows students, and teachers for that matter, to discover and understand the mysterious world of our shared humanity. - Professor Henri Boyi, French Studies Department and SASAH Fellow