Frequently Asked Questions

Is SASAH right for me?

If you are a student who likes being challenged, is creative, and is interested in community engagement, then this is the right program for you.

How is SASAH different from other programs at Western?

The SASAH program offers a unique learning experience. Our four year undergraduate program combines interdisciplinary study, language acquisition, community engagement, and international study, which gives you an enriched and diverse education.

How many students are accepted to SASAH each year?

We accept 25-30 students per year. Our students are highly engaged and motivated individuals, and the small cohorts make it possible to foster a tight-knit community within the program.

What is the tuition cost for enrolling in SASAH?

Even though SASAH provides a unique learning opportunity, the cost of enrolling in SASAH is the regular full-time tuition fee paid by students registered in Arts and Humanities. We also offer up to five $1000 Entrance Scholarships each year. 

What degree will I graduate with?

Graduates from the SASAH program will receive a Bachelor of Arts with a major from SASAH, as well as a Major or Honours Specialization from another program at Western.

Are the courses in SASAH structured or can I seek out courses that best suit my research interests?

The courses offered in year one and two of the SASAH program are structured specifically to educate you on the theoretical approaches and research methods specific to Arts and Humanities. In year three, our students need to take ArtHum 3380Y along with 1.5 additional special topics courses. This is done intentionally to encourage students to become integrated into learning experiences across campus and in other departments within Arts and Humanities and also allows our students the opportunity for international exchanges. The fourth year offers experiential learning courses that expose students to training in the broader community, capped off by a full-year seminar focused on a specific theme crucial to global cultural development.

What is Experiential Learning and why is this important in SASAH?

Experiential Learning is the process of learning through experience. In SASAH, we believe that learning extends beyond the classroom and that students will benefit the most from putting their knowledge to use in the community. Our Experiential Learning courses provide an environment where students can engage in every aspect of learning beyond simply being an individual in a classroom. There are opportunities for practical teaching, research assistantships with faculty and graduate students, conference coordination, course planning, curating, publishing, and more.

Is it necessary to take a language course before graduating with a Major in Arts and Humanities? 

At SASAH, our goal is to support students in developing the skills they need to participate in our global community. The SASAH program has a strong commitment to language learning alongside the many other skills and capabilities we emphasise. We therefore require all students to demonstrate a knowledge of a language other than English by taking a 1.0 non-English course at the first-year level or above, in order to meet our language requirement. 

This requirement can also be met by demonstrating fluency in a language other than English. Students who participate in the International Study experience at Rondine Citadel of Peace, in Arezzo, Tuscany can have their courses counted towards this requirement. Other opportunities for language acquisition may also be granted by the Director.

To find out more how acquiring a second language would benefit you, click here.

What type of accommodations are available to me?

All first-year SASAH students are given priority consideration for a dedicated learning floor in Ontario Hall. Our students find this living arrangement to be a great way to bond with their peers and feel they benefit from having a built in support network.
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How can I become a part of the SASAH community?

Besides joining the SASAH Events Committee or the Blog Team, SASAH students are involved in:

Coming at you since 2016 is an interdisciplinary on-campus publication called ICONOCLAST that is dedicated to creating content about art, culture and politics – and anything you feel falls under these categories. We feature visual art, photography, media and film, musical critiques and reflections, creative writing, think pieces, personal essays, and fashion writing. We publish two editions a year – one per semester.