Teaching with Humanity

SASAH Teaching with Humanity Lunchtime Conversations

Decolonizing Pedagogies in Arts & Humanities 

In Spring 2022, SASAH hosted a series of four informal conversations about challenges and strategies, on one Friday a month, as part of the ongoing work toward Teaching with Humanity.
January 14th  
Critiquing the Canon: The Colonial Roots of Classical Archaeology, with Beth Greene  
February 11th  
Pedagogical Allyship, with Sara Mai Chitty   
March 11th  
Inclusive Evaluation, with W.G. Pearson
April 8th  
Learning from Discomfort: Sensitive Classroom Conversations, with Henri Boyi 

Teaching with Humanity: Decolonization, Indigenization, and Anti-Racism in Arts & Humanities Teaching

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SASAH hosted a 2-day virtual retreat via Zoom to provide an opportunity for the Faculty’s community to advance the work of building anti-racist and decolonized pedagogies in courses and programs. The retreat brought together a large and engaged gathering of instructors, students, graduate teaching assistants, and staff, all committed to working towards positive changes across Arts & Humanities.

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Students as Partners in Developing an Antiracist Curriculum

Presented by Matthew Dawkins, SASAH Discipline Rep 2020-2021, and Aara Suksi, SASAH Director. Among others, the presentation asked the question: What are the practical ways we can think about fostering an anti-racist and decolonized student experience in the classroom?