Student Donation Fund

The Arts & Humanities Student Donation Fund allows for the support of undergraduate student initiatives that will greatly improve upon their overall experience. Over the past several years, a number of student and faculty-driven projects have come to fruition and improved the experience of our undergraduate students. Funds have been allocated towards publications, special guest lectures and events, audio/visual equipment and more. 

Funds from the Arts and Humanities Student Donation will be distributed by a committee composed of student and faculty representatives. The mandate of this committee is to allocate funds only to projects that directly enhance the University experience of Arts and Humanities undergraduate students. Only Arts and Humanities students may submit proposals for consideration, and these proposals must be launched by students who have not opted out of the Student Donation Fund. For purchases over $2000, the applicant will have to secure at least two (2) quotes.

The SDF will not fund requests for individual prizes given to students. Only Arts and Humanities students may submit proposals for consideration.

Submit a Proposal:

Visit Arts & Humanities Students' Council website for current application

Opting Out of the Student Donation Fund:
Opting out of the donation is only available in the month of SeptemberIf you still owed tuition by the end of November, your opt out fee would be deducted from your tuition. If not, an email would be sent to you telling you to pick up a cheque sometime around the end of November.

To opt out, please send an email with your name and student number to: with the subject line "Student Donation Fund opt-out"