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Women's Studies and Feminist ResearchWestern Arts and Humanities
  • Department of Women’s Studies Celebrates 10th Anniversary

  • Meet Isabel. Discover how she has become a part of a community that shares her values and passions
  • Melanie Stone wants you to see through the eyes of disabled working mothers – women navigating employment on top of the challenges that stem from being differently abled.


brennanSamantha Brennan
Samantha Brennan, Professor, WSFR and Philosophy, has broad ranging research interests in contemporary normative ethics, feminist theory, applied ethics, sports ethics, political philosophy, children's rights and family justice, gender and sexuality, death, and fashion. Read more 

polzerJessica Polzer
Jessica Polzer is Associate Professor in WSFR and Health Science, and is the current Graduate Chair. Polzer's research focuses on the politics of women's health in the 21st century, with a specific focus on the intersection of discourses on gender, health risk, and biotechnology. Learn more

stoneMelanie Stone
Melanie Stone is a Phd candidate in the Department of Women's Studies and Feminist Research. She is the recipient of the 2016 Vanier Scholarship for her work on motherhood, work and disability. You can read more about Melanie's research here. 


Panel event provides insight on trans rights

A panel of professors and students came together on Tuesday evening to hold a discussion panel that affirmed trans rights as human rights and provide meaningful insight into experiences of discrimination. The event was organized partially in response to Jordan Peterson's attendance at Western, where the polarizing University of Toronto professor spoke about Bill C-16. Read more

Department of Women’s Studies Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Thirty years ago, Women’s Studies was just an idea at Western. Now, it’s one of the most dynamic and successful programs in the university. The department’s current success couldn’t come at a more needed time. Read more

Western Celebrates Excellence in teaching

excellence in teaching
Miranda Green-Barteet
“stands out for her passionate commitment to equality in the classroom, to empowering her students to question everything and to resist impositions of authority and inequity,” according to one of her nominators. But her impact extends well beyond the confines of the classroom. Read more


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