Arts & Humanities professors are examining our complex world 


Challenging world views through research

Faculty of Arts & Humanities researchers are challenging how we can reimagine the world and the impact we can have as individuals and as a society. By exploring and analyzing poetry from Lord Byron, The Hunger Games trilogy or the real-life experiences from women banding together to stop a civil war, these researchers believe we can learn more about ourselves and how to live in an uncertain world.  

As a faculty that brings together a range of studies from literature and poetry to languages, philosophy and gender studies, arts & humanities probes the depth and variety of the human experience.

Meet three Arts & Humanities professors who are building a more socially and artistically just world through their research and teaching.

The meaning of joy in two worlds

ArtsHumanity-Thumb-JoelFaflak-300x169.jpgBritish Romantic literature and culture of the late 18th and early 19th centuries and American film musicals may seem worlds apart. But for the English and writing studies professor Joel Faflak, studying literature is a an intensely political act, and a way to challenge our understanding of the world and our place in it.

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How Black history, present is teaching students critical thought

ArtsHumanity-Thumb-EricaLawson-300x169.jpgBy researching Black history, intellectual traditions and contemporary events, like Black liberation movements, Erica Lawson is exploring how Black women organize and motivate change, changing the world in which we live.

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Miranda Green-Barteet and the art of resistance

ArtsHumanity-Thumb-MirandaGreen-300x169.jpgYoung adult literature like the Hunger Games helps Miranda Green-Barteet – and potentially all of us -- understand what it means to be a girl in this decade.

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